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Professional Safety Equipment Supplier In China

We are one company mainly produce construction safety equipment and PPE equipment which with more than10 years experience

  • CE and NFPA2112 Certificate
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One Professional Safety Equipment Suppliers In China

As one professional safety equipment suppliers in China, we supply different style construction safety equipment to all over the world, mainly safety shoes and boots, FR coverall, safety helmet, safety mask ,safety gloves and masks etc. Welcome you visit our website and choose the item you are interesting.

We are one professional PPE kits supplier in China which have more than 10 years experience. We can supply different PPE equipment, For anti Covid 19 as below:

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Fast Delivery

We can guarantee you fast delivery time for each order, Your can receive it in guarantee time soon.

OEM Services

We are one professional OEM construction safety equipment suppliers experience more than 10 years

Better Price

We are directly construction safety equipment supplier in china which can give you competitive price

Good Quality

We have CE certificate and NFPA certificate which guarantee safety construction equipment good quality


Anbu Safety is one professional safety equipment suppliers in China, We supply mainly Safety Shoes, Coverall, Safety Helmet, Gloves, Goggles, Safety Mask etc.
We have much experience in produce safety equipment,  For our products sell to more than 30 country, Such as Europe, Middle East and Asia etc.


Mostly of the safety equipment was produced by our own factory, It is ok for use your own brand and your design packing.

We can design your styles basis on your requirements, for our designers can service for you all the times.

For our safety equipment can guarantee at least six months time, if the quality have problem we will undertake the compensation for you.



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Free Sample Is Avaiable For You To Check Quality First

For mostly of our safety equipment items meet  CE EN standard, it is ok for OEM order with your own logo and packing. one free sample is available, you just undertake courier air freight charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our payment term is : T/T, D/P and LC at sight. Mostly client use is TT 30% deposit, the balance money by copy of bill of loading or before shipment.

For the delivery time depend on the safety equipment item you purchase. for some item like safety shoes, glasses, mask, safety helmet, harness etc need 30 days, for item coverall, FR coverall delivery time need about 55 days.

If you want to stay safe at all times, it’s important to invest in the best safety equipment you can afford. With that in mind, it’s important to note that the right Personal Protective Equipment doesn’t have to be expensive. You need to focus on the items that you really need and what you can afford. In this article we will cover some of the most important types of safety items you can acquire from your PPE supplier.

Safety Shoes

Safety shoes (also known as safety boots) is personal protective equipment (PPE) for foot protection at workplaces. It prevents from getting foot injuries due to slippery surface, heavy falling or rolling objects, sharp piercing edges, pinch points, rotary machinery, hot objects, electricity, chemicals or even bad weather etc. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires the employers to ensure that the employees use safety footwear while working in the areas where there are dangers of foot injuries.

Safety Masks

Masks are also good for protecting your face from airborne substances that can damage your skin. Using this type of safety equipment is mandatory, especially if you work in dangerous locations. Just try to take that into consideration, and it will be a very good result every time. Speaking of that, you can also use gowns, they can protect your skin and clothes from any infectious materials.

Safety Gloves

Gloves are the Personal Protective Equipment everyone needs to have if they work in dangerous environments. Gloves will protect your skin, wrists and hands in particular. They are common, however you will find different types of gloves based on the situation and what materials you are dealing with. So there will be some challenges at times.

Safety Glasses

You will need these to protect your eyes from various infectious agents. You never really know what type of chemicals or infectious agents can be in a location, so protecting your eyes is pretty much mandatory. Thankfully, there are some great results to be had here, and the best part about that is you can buy a wide array of glasses according to the necessary functions.

Safety coveralls

When you work in a dangerous environment, Safety coveralls are pretty much mandatory. Most of the time you will need Safety coveralls in the industrial settings like the oil or gas world, when you are dealing with dangerous chemicals or any liquids/gasses that can damage your regular clothes. These are also good for construction workers because they are offering a lot of protection and they keep you safe in a clever and professional manner.

Safety helmet

Safety helmets are pivotal in the case of construction workers. But they can be used in any industry where there’s a danger of having items fall from their place. The main purpose of a safety helmet is to protect the user’s head against the severe impact of an item falling from above. What the safety helmet does is it deflects the blow naturally and it will resist it without any problems.

While technically hard hats are designed to offer some protection, safety helmets are better because they have that additional cushioning that will minimize the damage you are getting. The good thing about safety helmets is they are protecting the front but also the back of your head just as much. And they can resist penetration from objects, they absorb shocks while also being slow burning and resisting to any water damage. Most of them are actually waterproof, which makes them a pleasure to use and very dependable.

Safety earmuffs

You will find 2 types of earmuffs when it comes to safety equipment. The most popular ones are the acoustic earmuffs, these help protect a person from noise. Most of the time these are used in the construction industry, but you will also find some in the oil and gas extraction industry. Plus, they are suitable in the case of mowing, shooting firearms, concerns, heavy machinery and others. Whenever the sound levels are way too high, the safety earmuffs will be great to use.

There are also thermal earmuffs. In case you are working in a cold environment, the thermal earmuffs will be able to protect your eras against cold. That’s very important especially for oil stations in the middle of the ocean, such earmuffs help protect the employees from cold.

Safety harness

A safety harness is very helpful especially when you have to perform dangerous tasks. It’s widely used in the world of window cleaning, but also for stunts and a wide array of other things. There are multiple types of safety harnesses too. First, you have just body belts that restrain the person in a fixed position, usually those are close to the body. The chest harness is used only when you have limited fall hazards. A full body harness is better if you want to protect yourself from dangerous freefalls. And then you also have suspension belts that will suspend a worker. Each one of the safety harness models has its own features and benefits, so you have to figure out which one works for you the most.

When you work in dangerous locations, you really need to invest in the best safety equipment out there. You also need to follow the latest protocols and standards in the industry in order to avoid any problems or severe damage. The last thing you want is any type of problems, so with that in mind it all comes down to knowing what safety equipment you should own.

Safety shoes standards

For the safety shoes standards is EN20345:2011, The full name of the EN ISO 20345 specification is EN ISO 20345:2011 Personal Protective Equipment – Safety Shoes which is the standard all styles of “safety shoes” are tested against. It was formerly referred to as EN345, but this was replaced by EN ISO 20345:2004. EN ISO 20345:2007 was the next revision, followed by EN ISO 20345:2011, which is the current version of this standard. This will be superseded by ISO/WD 20345 in due course. Currently, it is still in development.

Protective helmet standards

The Protective helmets have their own safety standards and that differs based on where and how they are used. You have the BS 6658:1985 Protective Helmets for Vehicle Users, BS EN 812:2012 for Industrial Bump Caps as well as the PAS 028:2002 standard created for Marine Safety Helmets. The standards and requirements will differ based on the workplace and what challenges can appear.

Eye protection

The most common standard for eye protection is BS EN 166:2002 and that covers Personal Eye Protection. But there are others like BS EN 166:2002 for Personal Eye Protection or BS EN 1731:2006 for the Mesh face screens. There’s also the BS 5883:1996 safety standard that covers Swimming goggles.

Respiratory products

You need to protect your respiratory system in dangerous workplaces, and these systems help you do that. BS EN 140:1999 is a common standard for the Half/Quarter masks, There’s also BS EN 14387:2004+A1:2008 for the Gas Filters and Combined Filters. And you even have BS EN 14683 for Surgical Masks or the more general AS/NZS 1716:2012 for Respiratory protective devices!

Protective clothing

The BS EN 464:1994 standard is focused on offering protection against gaseous but also liquid chemicals. BS EN ISO 15025: 2016 is about protection against heat and flame. There are also standards related to clothing that protects against radioactive contamination, BS EN 1073-1:2016 being a good example in that regard.

Hearing protection

Hearing issues can appear when you deal with dangerous work locales. And that’s why you must focus on getting hearing protection tools. The standards covering this include BS EN 352-1:2002 which is about Earmuffs, BS EN 352-2:2002 that covers Earplugs and you also have AS/NZS 1270:2002 (R2014) which is about Acoustics and more specifically Hearing protectors.

Glove protection

You will also note there are comprehensive standards for working with gloves and the type of gloves you want to use. BS EN 374-1:2016 is a standard that covers protective gloves if you work with chemicals and microorganisms. If you work with heat and fire, then you will focus on the BS EN 407:2004 standard. BS EN 420:2003 +A1:2009 is created to cover all general requirements.


Working in dangerous conditions is very important, as sometimes this is the only way to complete important construction or industrial projects. But this also brings in the questions, why should you use safety equipment? Do you really need it, and is there a benefit of using safety equipment? Let’s find out.

Accessing dangerous locations safely

The main focus with safety equipment is that it allows you to access dangerous locations safely. Doing that is not very simple if you end up with challenging and demanding situations like this. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to rely on safety equipment anywhere you go. It will help a lot, you minimize the risks and the outcome is always great. Simply put, it’s the best of both worlds, and you will cherish the results quite a bit. It’s great to have that opportunity to go to dangerous locations and just adapting an adjusting on the go. That’s heavily impressive and it will help you a lot more than you would ever imagine. You want to avoid entering dangerous locations without protection, and this way you can be fully protected against fire, cuts or anything else.

Less or no injuries

With help from safety equipment you can easily stay safe in the face of danger. And since there are so many challenging moments to deal with, you do want to really take your time and actively assess how you can avoid skin, head, face or leg injuries. With assistance from safety equipment you can easily do that. Investing in PPE might not seem like much at first, but it will make quite the difference and that’s what matters the most to begin with. Normally injuries will arrive out of nowhere when you are in a dangerous situation. If you know the location is dangerous, then using safety equipment will help eliminate hazards and just focus on your personal protection. That helps a lot and it will give you a rather amazing experience as well.

Very high quality

One of the best things about safety equipment is that it will bring in front the best value and results on the market. You get to protect yourself with thick, durable and very reliable protective equipment at all times. The last thing you want is to encounter major injuries, and this approach assures you that you can avoid any potential damage. You can also stay away from disabling injuries. Simply put, safety equipment and PPEs in general have the potential to fully save your life.

Increasing the quality of your workday

Yes, maybe the best part about using PPE is that it allows you to focus on your tasks without worrying about any injuries. That’s the hardest thing to do when you are handling dangerous equipment, and that’s the reason why we are recommending you to at least give it a try. It might not seem like much, but even the simplest safety equipment can make a huge difference. The last thing you want is to waste your work time with safety concerns.

For the safety equipment MOQ depend on the item you purchase, for safety shoes, gloves, coverall usually 1000pcs/style, for goggles MOQ 3000pcs/style.

Yes, We accept OEM services for all order.  we produce the PPE order by using client own brand and logo, we can design the packing according to client logo and give solution for packing of PPE.

For the safety equipment items, for some not big value item, like safety shoes, goggle, mask, gloves, coverall, helmet we can supply one or two pcs per item by free, your company just undertake air freight charges. 

for some expensive item like high price safety boots, Fire resistant coverall, nomex coverall etc these items will have sample charges. but for all item samples, if have charges, we all can be refund after you place order. after we cooperate with each other, for sample will all free for you in next time cooperation.

Making sure that you stay safe at all costs is crucial nowadays, especially if you work in dangerous environments. You never really know what might happen, which is why the best thing that you can do is to work with the best safety equipment suppliers on the market. And that brings the question, how can you find the best safety equipment suppliers? Here are some tips to get you started.


As you know, experience means everything in most businesses. And the same happens here. A team of experienced professionals that have been doing this for a very long time is definitely going to offer you great results. And that’s what you want, a tremendous value and quality without having to spend a lot of money. Use that to your advantage and always pick safety equipment suppliers based on experience.


Of course, prices matter as well. Some safety equipment suppliers are overpriced and they deliver similar quality to other, more affordable companies. That’s why you have to study the market, even test out the safety equipment to see what works for you and what they are bringing to the table. Once you know exactly what they can deliver and the value you will get, it will be simpler to just assess everything and see what works for you. Yes, it really helps if you study everything correctly, so avoid any major rush and study pricing as well as quality.


Will they deliver the safety equipment quickly, do you have to pay for shipping or is it included in the overall price? Knowing that will help a lot and it will certainly eliminate many questions you have in mind. It will offer you a much simpler way to deal with any problems, and the payoff will surely be worth it.


Product variety is key nowadays. You want the safety equipment suppliers to offer you a huge range of different products. This way you will have a much better result since you will receive exactly what you need, whenever you need it the most. Just keep that in mind and you will be more than ok in the end!

Safety certifications

Are these products certified or not? Ideally you want to acquire certified products as that’s what will help a lot and the experience itself can be really impressive. Use that to your advantage and only buy certified products.

Picking the right safety equipment suppliers will require some study and documentation. It will surely help a lot, and it will bring in front some astonishing benefits for you to explore. Of course demanding situations can appear out of nowhere, but if you do it right you will appreciate the clever results and unique experience. We recommend you to use these tips as you try to select the best safety equipment suppliers on the market. It will help you quite a bit, especially if you’re not sure what suppliers are offering the best bang for your buck!

Staying safe and avoiding any issues is crucial nowadays, and the best thing that you can do is to focus on eliminating any problems that can arise. The challenge when it comes to dealing with dangerous situations is that you never really know what to do. That’s why you have to commit to the process and ensure that everything is handled at the highest level. If that doesn’t happen, then you encounter issues and those can be very problematic.

What can you use safety equipment for?

As you can imagine, in a dangerous environment you never really know what to expect. Just about everything is dangerous and you really have to commit to the process and ensure everything works the way you want. PPEs help quite a bit because they have various applications. With help from the right safety equipment, you will finally be able to protect your body in a variety of different ways.

Food industry

In the food industry you can encounter a lot of challenges. For example, you can cut yourself, so using gloves is very important. And since you are constantly dealing with oil and hot substances, having a good set of protective apparel items can really help a lot in a situation like this. You also need cut and mechanical protection safety equipment, and once you invest in that things will be a whole lot better every time!


What type of PPEs do you need in the hospital industry? That mostly focuses on the idea of making sure that you stay away from germs or bacteria and you don’t spread them to other people. For example, you need masks that will cover the mouth and nose. You also need eye protection, shoe covers, head covering, gowns, aprons and so on. Many of the hospital-focused PPEs are actually disposable, you rarely find reusable items due to safety concerns.

Oil and acid industry

In the case of this industry you need to have eye protection and face protection tools. Safety glasses are a must have, impermeable goggles can be just as helpful. And at the same time you also need face shields or filtered helmets. Head protection is mandatory if you are dealing with overhead electrical hazards or falling objects, among many others. In addition, we also recommend you to use leather, fabric or canvas gloves. You might need rubber, vinyl or neoprene gloves in case you are dealing with liquid chemicals. Safety boots and even respiratory toolkits are a must, depending on the chemicals you are handling.


Construction workers are dealing with a plethora of different hazards. Working at high altitudes can be very challenging, but thankfully all construction workers know how to handle any challenges correctly. Yet they still need the right safety tools. For example, you need a hard hat or a safety helmet, safety shoes, reflective vests or protective clothing, eye and face protection, hand protection which comes in the form of various gloves, even hearing protection might be needed here. In case you work at high altitudes, you do need safety belts or a safety harness.

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