As known throughout the globe that safety and health guaranty remains one of the biggest and most enduring challenges and problems of the construction and building industries, one of the remedy and solution proffered to reduce or prevent the occurrence of hazards, injuries and accidents is the use of Personal protective equipment (PPE). The Personal protective equipment are collection of safety equipment which are used on different part of the body on the construction site to protect and avoid injuries to the exposed part while working. Having been educated about different types of hazards that can occur on the construction site while construction workers are working, it is on this basis that different equipment are made to ensure safety and health. Every company in the building and construction industries are encouraged to purchase the various personal protective equipment and seek means to educate their workers on how it is used to be sure of safety on construction site. There are protective equipment made for the eye in different types based on functions, equipment made for the ear in various types and functions, protective equipment are also made for the hand and arm, leg and feet, Body and the head. All are made to provide safety and are in different forms according to functions. The PPE are of immense benefits which include;

  • The head protective equipment help protect against hard objects falling on the head or hitting the head against hard surface.
  • The eye protective equipment protect the eye from injuries from radiations, pieces of metal slag flying around, dusts and even from splashes of hazardous chemicals.
  • The hand protective equipment protect the hand and arm from bruises, abrasion, cuts, fractures and from toxic solutions and chemicals.
  • The body protective equipment protects the body from falling from heights, prevent dangers of splashes on the body and prevent undue exposure of the body to extreme heat and radiation.
  • The ear protective equipment protect the ear from too much noise which is so usual and associated with construction work.
  • The protective equipment meant for the leg and feet are to prevent the leg and feet against hitting the leg and feet against hard objects. It also prevent sharp objects from puncturing through the feet.



Having briefly discussed the benefits of personal protective equipment, it is of great importance to know and be informed that you must go for the best of the protective equipment as only this will ensure proper protection and durability. In Asia and China, lots of construction industries are out there in need of durable protective equipment to improve safety of their employees and workers. However, just like the any other commodities in our society, there are companies priding themselves as protective equipment manufacturers without the basic and requisite knowledge about the art of producing what lots of people will entrust their life on. Want the best protective equipment for your workers on construction sites, look no further because Anbusafety has got your back going forward on your quest to purchase the best protective equipment. At Anbusafety, we are conscious of our work and we know how sensitive it is. We are aware that millions of people rely on what we produce and manufacture for their safety and we always strive never to disappoint. We have lots of well-made and produced protective equipment for different parts of the body. Some of the various protective we manufacture include:

  1. We have different equipment for the leg and feet because of the experience we have gathered over years of production. We have the Military boots, Gumboots, Low cut safety shoes, steel toe safety shoes and Rigger safety Boots.
  2. We produce the best of hand gloves such as Leather, Cotton and Latex-coated gloves. We also manufacture PU coated gloves, Cut-resistance gloves, PVC gloves and Nitrile gloves. All are very important, of high quality and made for purpose.
  3. We have produced lots of safety clothes and coats such as Safety coats, Safety coveralls, work shirts, FR coveralls, Rain coats, Work pants and Disposable coverall.
  4. We have lots of quality safety helmets for the head protection on site. These include Plastic industrial helmet, Engineering helmets, Work safety helmets, Construction safety helmets, mining safety helmets, chainsaw safety helmet, Ventilated Hard hat and others. All are manufactured to be well-fitted to the head to ensure maximum protection.
  5. We are good producers of body harnesses also. They are all made to protect and they include Energy absorber lanyard, Shock absorber lanyard, safety belts, Steel and Aluminum hook, Fall arrest Harness, Fall protection safety harness, Full body harness and more.
  6. For the eye safety and health, we have lots of effectively manufactured Eye wears, Eye safety Googles, Safety glasses and Shields. All have different types and functions. We also produced different types of face masks to prevent harmful gases and dusts.
  7. For the ear protection, we have lots of quality and very durable ear muffs and Earplugs produced to guarantee safety and convenience.


For China construction industries and companies, it is up to you to avail yourself the opportunity to have all your safety and protective equipment bought from the best safety platform for effective, efficient and very quality safety and protective equipment. Join us today and add up to our growing list of happy and satisfied customers. Contact us today at to have your quote. Our customer support is always there to help and clear your doubts.