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Anbu PPE which was established in 2008, is a premier manufacturer of different types of construction safety gear, ppe equipment, safety shoes, coverall, safety gloves, safety helmet, safety glasses and many more safety equipment.

We strive to provide best service to our customers with professional sales team, qualified designer and dedicated QC team which is responsible for 100% on-line products inspection to ensure best quality. Our innovative ppe designers and experienced workers are available at your request to ensure fast sample preparation.

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Material:100% virgin HDPE , PE (polyethylene), PP , Nylon, polyester
Width:1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.6m, 1.8m, 2m, 2.5m, 3.1m, 4m, 5m, 6m
Length: 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m, 80m, 100m, 200m
Normal pcs size: 1.8m × 6m, 1.5m × 6m, 2m × 6m, 1.2m × 6m, etc.
Normal rolls size: 1 × 50m, 2 × 50m, 3 × 50m, 2 × 100m, etc.
Net weight: 50-300g/m2
Color: green, blue, black, white, yellow, gray, orange, red
Shade rate: 30% – 95%

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Buyer's Guide for Construction Safety Gear

The Ultimate Guide of construction safety gear type, function, standard and application.
fr clothing

Construction Safety Gear – All You Need To Know

A construction site is one of the places that are prone to accidents and other kinds of injuries. Many workers assume that the employer takes all the required safety precautions and measures.

They also assume that the machines work properly, and other co-workers are well-trained. However, this is not the case. Research shows that an average of two construction workers in the US die because of work-related accidents.

An average of up to 10,000 construction workers get injuries in the course of their jobs every year. This is an indication that the worker’s safety should be a priority. Many of these accidents can be prevented if workers have the right construction safety gear.

I have made this comprehensive guide to enlighten you on the right safety gear, types, and functions, among others. I hope it will help you to learn some essential tips that will keep you safe at construction sites.

Table of Contents

Core Construction Safety Gears – Their Types, Functions, Standards, and Applications:
1: Safety Shoes – Foot Protection
2: Safety Coverall – Protective Clothing
3: Safety Gloves – Hand Protection
4: Safety Helmet – Head Protection:
5: Safety Mask – Respiratory Protection
6: Safety Glasses – Eye and Face Protection
7: Safety Earmuff – Hearing Protection
8: Safety Harness – Fall Protection
Things to Consider Before Buying Construction Safety Gears
The Benefit of Using Safety Gear on Construction Site
Construction Safety Gears Maintenance Tips
Frequently Asked Question:

When it comes to construction safety gear, there are several things that you need to wear. These safety gear ensure that none of your body parts is exposed to potential risks and injuries.

Let us have a look at some of the core construction safety gear that you should always have if you are a construction worker. We are going to the following safety gear in detail.

• Foot Protection
• Safety Clothing
• Hand Protection
• Head Protection
• Respiratory Protection
• Eye and Face Protection
• Hearing Protection
• Safety Harness

#1: Safety Shoes – Foot Protection

Safety shoes play a huge role in protecting your feet from injuries or reducing the severity of the injuries that might take place at a construction site.

According to research carried out by the National Safety Councils, out of four people who suffer from work-related injuries, only one of wear safety shoes. The other three are not aware of safety shoes or boots.

Protecting your feet is important because it is an essential part of your body. Today, you can find a wide range of safety wear that are flexible, stylish, and very comfortable. They protect your feet from work-related injuries hence keeping you safe.

Features of Safety Shoes

How do you determine the right safety shoe? What features do the shoes have that differentiate them from other ordinary shoes? Well, several features make a quality safety shoe or boot.

These shoes are designed with various toe designs to ensure worker’s safety. You can find steel toe safety shoes that protect your toes from compression and impacts at workplaces.

You can also get other types with composite toe safety, meaning that they have non-metallic toe caps. Another type of is the conductive safety shoes that protect your feet against hazards like static electric build-up and much more.

Other types of safety shoes that you can also get include low cut safety shoes, military boots, PVC gumboots, Rigger safety boots, among others.

• Here are some essential features that you will find in safety shoes or boots:
• Padded collar to provide comfort
• Heel stiffener that gives you a secure fit
• Breathable lining to keep your feet dry
• D-rings to provide speed-lacing
• Pierce-resistant midsole
• Extra-wide fitting protective toe cap
• Latex lining for toe comfort
• Dual-density and slip-resistant sole to offer durability
• Quality upper leather to enhance durability

Why are safety shoes important in construction sites?

Every construction worker should wear safety shoes or boots. Foot injuries and inevitable, and they can cause difficulty in doing your work. However, if you have the right boots, you can protect your feet from different types of injuries.

You can get these shoes in various designs and sizes to suit your needs. If you don’t know how to choose the right safety shoe size, check this chart for guidelines.

There are many different ways in which you will benefit if you have the right safety shoes. Some of these include the following:

• They protect your feet from flying and falling objects
• Protect you from punctures
• Protect you from cutting and electrical hazards
• Safety shoes prevent falls, trips, and slips
• Protect you from burns
• Reduce fatigue
• Protect you from extreme weather

How to Use Safety Shoes Properly?

How should construction workers wear safety shoes? It is essential to understand how you need to wear safety shoes so that you can get the best out of it. First, you need to select the right shoe size in terms of length and width. The shoes should also have the right fastening and protection.

Look for work socks or sports socks. Make sure that you keep your feet and the socks dry. Place the insoles well and then wear your socks. Ensure that the socks adhere well to your feet so they should not leave folds. Put your feet on the shoes and ensure that the insole doesn’t move.

Ensure that the feet adapt perfectly to the shoes in the toecap area and then tie your shoes. They should adhere well to your foot, so that should not be too tight because they will affect the circulation of blood.

NB: Ensure that the shoelaces are always tied. Failure to do this will deny you the safety and comfort that the shoes provide.

Also, it will increase the risks of ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis in case of accidents. If you need breath ability, buy shoes that are highly breathable but never leave safety shoes untied.

#2: Safety Coverall – Protective Clothing

Safety coverall is protective clothing that prevents workers from danger. The clothes have a high level of visibility. Coveralls are essential for construction workers because they protect workers from the neck to the feet. They are great for workers in working conditions with low visibility, which can be a hazard.

There are different types of safety clothing that you can get depending on the nature of your job. Some of the most common ones include safety coverall, safety vest, work suits, rain suits, jacket, lab coats, and disposable coverall, among others. They are also available in different sizes to fit all types of employees.

Why are they essential in construction sites?

There are so many benefits that safety clothing provides. Not only do they protect your personal clothing from stains, but they also offer many other benefits. These protective clothing protect your skin, offer enhanced visibility, and they keep you warmer in cold days. Additionally, they protect workers from workplace hazards.

Most safety suppliers provide many general-purpose safety clothing to cater to various hazards. You can also find disposable overalls for jobs like asbestos removal.

It is important to consider the type of fabric used to make protective clothing. One of the best fabrics on the market is for protective clothing is flash-spun polyethylene. This material is breathable, and it provides the required protection at the workplace.

#3: Safety Gloves – Hand Protection

Our hands are also exposed to harmful factors if you don’t wear hand protection when working. Apart from protecting you, safety gloves also make it easier to handle items in construction sites.

Safety gloves also protect your hands for contamination and infections. There are different types of safety gloves that you can find.

Therefore, you need to get the right one depending on the work you are doing.

For instance, you can get nitrite gloves if you are dealing with chemicals and other infectious agents. Rubber gloves are great to protect your hands from mild corrosive materials.

Neoprene gloves protect your hands from oils, solvents, and mild corrosive materials. I would not recommend latex glove because a high percentage of people are allergic to this material.

Other types of safety gloves that you can get include cut resistant gloves, temperature resistant gloves, PU coated gloves, special gloves, among others.

When it comes to choosing safety gloves, there are several features that you need to have in mind. For instance, buy breathable gloves so that your hands are comfortable when working.

The gloves should also offer impact protection and a good grip. Additionally, look for gloves that have high dexterity and high cut resistance.

Why are safety gloves important to use in constructions site?

Wearing safety gloves in construction is important because it protects your hands from different elements and potential hazards. Other benefits of safety gloves include the following:

  • Prevent needle injuries and punctures
  • Prevent the loss of hands or fingers
  • Project your hands from injuries and chemical burns
  • Protect your hands from temperature changes
  • Safety gloves prevent absorption of hazardous items
  • They prevent burns and cuts among others

How to use safety gloves properly

  • Ensure that you get safety gloves that fit you comfortably. They should not be too loose or too tight.
  • They should be made from a material that can withstand the work you are handling.
  • Workers need to have the right information on how long they should use the gloves.
  • Do not wash or reuse disposable gloves
  • Always keep your gloves dry and clean
  • You should always have a backup pair of gloves
  • Check to find out if your safety gloves have cracks, stiffness, tears, or other signs of damages.
  • Always replace worn-out gloves right away.

#4: Safety Helmet – Head Protection:

According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the construction industry has the highest number of workers who suffer from brain injuries. This shows why employers should emphasize on wearing the right head protection. Safety helmets and hats are designed to prevent construction workers from getting head injuries.

Safety helmets come in different designs. Some have other accessories like face masks and safety glasses. Depending on the type of job that you are doing, you can get a wide range of safety helmets and hard to protect your head from injuries.

In regards to the features of safety helmets, look for models that have high impact resistance, dielectric properties, and dimensional stability. They should also offer excellent heat resistance and comfort.

Why are safety helmets important to use in constructions site?

With the many head injuries taking place in construction sites, wearing head protection is important. The following are the benefits that you will get from wearing safety helmets.

  • They protect your head from injuries
  • Offer protection against fall and slips
  • Safety helmets increase chances of survival during accidents
  • They protect workers from the sun
  • They enhance your visibility when working
  • Offer enough ventilation
  • Good way to brand your company

How to use a safety helmet properly

Put the helmet in an upside position while the front peak is facing away from you. Check the suspension system to ensure that there is no webbing in the headband. Also, check whether the adjustable ratchet is in the opposite direction from the peak.

Next, install the headband, and you will find four self-locking clips to provide easy fastening. Install them properly and make sure they are perfectly aligned in the center of the helmet.

Adjust it so that you can get a good fit. If you work above the ground or during windy conditions, ensure you fasten the chin strap.

#5: Safety Mask – Respiratory Protection

This is another important construction safety gear that al construction workers should have. It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with hand or power tools; you need to have a safety mask. It will prevent you from inhaling dust, sprays, fumes, and other materials that can cause respiratory hazards.

In construction work sites, toxic fumes, gases, and dust are inevitable. Some of these conditions can be fatal or cause serious respiratory problems. Wearing respirators can be a great way to protect yourself from breathing harmful substances. Employers should provide workers with respirators that meet the requirements of OSHA.

These respirators should be specific, depending on the work and the type of exposure the worker is likely to encounter. Other things that will help you select the right respirators the potential hazards, oxygen concentration, and potential eye irritation, among others.

There are different types of respiratory protection items, which include chemical masks and dust masks, and much more.

Why are safety masks important to use in construction site?

Wearing a safety mask in construction sites is important because it protects you from respiratory conditions. If you are working near toxic substances like drywall dust and paint fumes, you need to have a safety mask to protect your body.

If you expose yourself to dust, mold, and other fine particulates, you can end up suffering from respiratory ailments like bronchitis and asthma, among others.  Other benefits of wearing safety masks include:

  • Protect you from pathogens
  • Allergy-free
  • They are ideal for all face shapes
  • Prevent you from inhaling harsh chemicals


How to use a safety mask properly

Wearing a safety mas is easy. Follow these steps to wear it correctly.

Cup the safety mask in your hand, and the nose piece should point your fingertips. The headbands should hang below your hands freely.

Position the safety mask under your chin while the nosepiece is up. Then, pull the top strap on your head and let it rest above your ears.

Then, pull the bottom strap over the head and place it at the back of your neck. It should rest below the years. Use both hands to mold the metal clip so that it can fit your nose and give you a secure seal.

#6: Safety Glasses – Eye and Face Protection

Safety glasses are important in any construction site because they protect your face and eyes. Not only are eye injuries serious, but they are also painful. You can prevent eye-related injuries at workplaces if you have the right safety glasses if you don’t want to lose your vision.

There are so many potential hazards in construction sites that can damage your eyes. It could be chemicals and other harmful particles. Other potential eye hazards include wood, glass and metal particles, sparks from tools, radiation, UV light, and other corrosive substances.

When it comes to picking safety glasses, there are some features that you need to check. They differ from the normal glasses to ensure that they provide maximum protection. Safety eyeglasses are designed with thicker and string frames. The lenses are also stronger as compared to those of other ordinary glasses.

The lenses also impact resistant. Most safety glasses are made of plastic polycarbonate lenses because they are durable and are more impact resistant. Safety glasses should also provide an excellent fit. Not only should they protect your eyes but also cover the sides and the top of the eyes.

Why safety glasses are essential to use in constructions site

  • Wearing safety glasses in construction sites is essential. They provide workers with the following benefits.
  • Protect eyes from splashes from different chemicals
  • They prevent small particles from getting into your eyes
  • They are heat resistant, so they protect eyes from flames and sparks

#7: Safety Earmuff – Hearing Protection

Construction sites involve a lot of noise from machines and other kinds of tools. A high level of noise can be hazardous to workers, and it can even lead to permanent hearing loss. Construction workers need to have hearing protection, and they can do this by wearing earmuffs or earplugs.

Apart from affecting your hearing, loud noise also reduces your productivity at the workplace. Additionally, it can also cause work-related accidents because it is hard to hear warning signals.

If the noise level at your workplace exceeds 85 decibels, workers should wear ear protection to reduce noise exposure.

And by ear protection, music headsets and earphones should not be used as ear protectors because they will not protect you from noise. There are several features that you should consider when buying the right ear protection.

They should provide enough protection, and they should also be compatible with communication devices and other personal protective equipment. Ear protection should also be comfortable when wearing and suitable for the right humidity and temperature in your workplace.

When it comes to the types, you can find various types of ear protection that you can get. They include earplugs that are inserted in the ear canal. These types can either be preformed or moldable. Another type that you can get is semi-insert earplugs that feature two earplugs that hold over the end of the ear canal with a rigid headband.

Another type that you can get is earmuffs that feature two sound-attenuating material and soft ear cushion to fit the ear as well as the outer parts perfectly. They have a band that holds them together. Check the OSHA guide for more details about hearing protection in construction sites.

Why are safety Earmuffs important to use in constructions site?

Wearing earmuffs is important for construction workers to protect them from the loud noise at the workplace. Earmuffs offer a nice fit, and they are simple to wear because you only need to put them over your head.

They provide a reliable fit, meaning that you can get maximum protection. They protect workers from the exposure of high noise levels that can cause hearing loss.

How to use safety earmuffs properly

  • You should always follow the instructions from the manufacturer
  • Check the ear protection frequently for tear or wear
  • If the cushions are no longer pliable, replace the ear cushions
  • Always disassemble the earmuffs when cleaning

#8: Safety Harness – Fall Protection

A safety harness is crucial for workers in construction sites and oil mining companies. They do an incredible job of keeping workers suspended upright in case of any fall. On top of that, they can also be used as a support when waiting for rescue.

In places where employees are likely to fall, it is recommended to use a full-body safety harness. There are different types of safety harness that you can find, which include safety ropes, body protection rope, and safety belts, among others.

When buying any fall protection, it is crucial to consider a few important features to help you end up with the right product.

For instance, you should check the padding. User comfort is important, so you should look for a safety harness that is adequately padded. This also adds a layer of protection just in case you fall.

Another thing that you should check in safety harness is quick connected buckles. They should be easily accessible and easy to adjust. You should also consider the weight of fall protection.

The webbing is another aspect that you should have in mind depending on your working environment. Other things that you should consider include safety accessories like impact indicator, among others.

Why safety are Harnesses important to use in constructions site?

For construction workers working at high altitudes, it is important to wear a safety harness. They prevent you from the common accidents that result from falling from a roof or a ladder.

Construction workers need a safety harness to provide them with the support they need when handling their work.

Wearing a safety harness keeps the spine vertical. This reduces impact in case of fall, and it also enhances the safety of the employees. It is important to wear safety harness throughout your job.

Therefore, you need to get a comfortable model that you can wear for long hours.

Some safety harnesses feature a waistband where you can carry some tools. They also have a padded waist belt to provide you with maximum comfort.

How to use a safety harness properly

Having a safety harness is not enough. You also need to know how to use it properly so that you can get maximum protection. The following are some important tips that will help you use it the right way.

  • Hold the safety harness using the back D ring and shake it so that the straps can fall in place.
  • In case the waist, leg, and chest straps are buckled, release the straps and unbuckle them.
  • Then, slip the straps on your shoulders and ensure the D-ring rests in the middle back of your shoulder blades.
  • Pull the leg strap and then connect it to the other end. Do that to the other leg
  • Then, connect the chest strap and ensure you keep it in the mid-chest area. Tighten it to a level you are comfortable.
  • Take your time and then tighten all the other buckles. At this point, your safety harness should offer you with a nice fit and full range movements.

Buyer’s Guide for Construction Safety Gear: Things to Consider Before Buying Construction Safety Gears

Maintaining a healthy and safe workplace for your employees is important. What are some of the main considerations that you should have in mind when buying construction safety gear? It is important to look for products that meet the requirements of the American National Standards Institute.

To help you pick the right safety gear, the following are some tips that will help you select the right safety gear for a safe working condition.

Selecting eye protection: when it comes to picking the right eye safety wear, make sure you know the common safety hazards in your workplace. It could be heat, optical radiation, or chemical dust, among others.

Confirm if the glasses have the ASSI certification to ensure that you get proper eye protection. Other things that you should consider include lens tint, lens coating, and fit, among others.

Selecting safety shoes: You should consider some essential things when buying construction worker safety shoes. These things include the fit, comfort, slip-resistant sole, waterproof materials, and protective toe cap. You should also check if the safety shoes meet the required standards and regulations.

Selecting hats: With the increase in head injuries, workers need to have the right head protection. When buying a hard hat, make sure it provides you with a comfortable fit. It should also be lightweight and durable to give you the best experience.

A good hat should also be hard and provide you with easy adjustments for comfort. Also, look for a hat that has several accessories like hearing and face protection.

Selecting gloves: When it comes to protecting your hands and arms, look for gloves that are designed for different tasks depending on the job that you do. You can get gloves for chemical protection, cuts, cold-resistant, heat resistant, electrically rated gloves, and punctures, among others.

High visibility vests: Before you buy, consider the regulations in your country or state. You should but the right high visibility vest that works well during the day or in low light. Additionally, you should ensure that the safety vest you but meets the requirements of ANSI.

The Benefit of Using Safety Gear on Construction Site

Safety is a significant consideration for workers in the construction industry. Most of the accidents and injuries take place because of the lack of safety gear. Having the right safety gear in the construction site is very important. These safety gear are made to reduce the exposure of employees to hazards.

If employees have safety gear like safety footwear, high visibility clothing, safety harness, and respiratory protective gear, then it is easy to reduce these injuries. The following are the main benefits of construction safety gear in the construction site.

  • Head protection benefits

If you visit many construction sites, you will find many workers wearing hard hats. These hats work well to protect employees from falling or flying objects. You can fit some hats or helmets with facsimiled or earmuffs, depending on the brand.

  • Eye and face protection

Protecting your face is crucial if you are dealing with woodwork, metalwork, and air tools. Therefore, you need to wear safety goggles or a full face shield to protect your eyes and face. This will prevent debris from getting in your eyes when working in construction sites.

  • Hearing protection

Industrial noise affects over 22 million workers in the US. To prevent this hazard, workers should wear earplugs and earmuffs to protect their ears from the noise in construction and manufacturing sites. The two work well in reducing high-frequency noise and low-frequency noise.

  • Respiratory protection

If you are handling toxic substances, it is important to consider respiratory protection. You should have items like respirators that protect you from fumes, spray, pesticide, paint spray, and much more.

  • Skin and hand protection

Lack of wearing the right safety gear in construction sites has caused many workers to suffer from skin cancer, among other kinds of skin conditions and injuries. It is essential to wear gloves to protect your hands. This will keep you safe from potential hazards like sheet metal, hot materials, electricity, glasses, and chemicals.

Construction Safety Gears Maintenance Tips

Having the right construction safety gear is essential. But you should also know how to maintain your items so that you can get maximum protection. The following are some tips on how you can maintain your safety gear.

  • Ensure you don’t contaminate the inside of the respiratory mas when removing it. You should also remove loose debris from the filter and store the mask in a place without contamination.
  • Store your safety helmet or hat in a cool place. Exposing it to environmental conditions reduce its efficiency and strength.
  • Keep safety boots dry, you can even have two pairs.
  • Check fall arrest harness for cuts or frays. Inspect the buckles for wear or damage.
  • Store safety glasses in protective pouch to protect the lens from damages.
  • Keep reflective clothing clean to prevent inhibiting the reflectivity. Also, the reflective tape should be complete.
  • Keep your safety gloves in appropriate conditions when you are through with use. Keep them in cool places and far from steam or heat. Also, never wash or reuse disposable gloves.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What is construction safety gear?

A: These refer to the safety items that construction workers need to wear when working. They protect different parts of the body from potential injuries. Some of these safety ears include safety boots, gloves, helmets, safety glasses, safety masks, and much more.

Q: How to find a good construction safety gear supplier?

A: There are many suppliers on the market, so you can be confused about selecting the right one. First, ensure that you buy construction safety gear from a recognized supplier so that you can be sure about the quality. They should also have a wide range of construction safety gear to meet your needs. Also, make sure the company has a reputable website.

Q: What are some of the most common construction safety risks?

A: Several things cause potential safety risks in construction sites. Some of them include working at height, moving objects, asbestos, slips, noise, falls, handling material, and hand-arm vibration, among others.

Q: What is an unsafe working condition?

A: This refers to any working condition that can cause potential injury or death to employees. They can result from erroneous safety procedures, lack of utilizing the required safety gear like masks and goggles, or equipment malfunction, among others.

Q: What is the importance of construction safety?

A: Observing safety measures is vital in any construction site. Healthy and safety should be the first consideration in any construction job. It is essential because it prevents hazardous situations from taking place, and this keeps workers safe.

Q:  Why should workers have a safe workplace?

A: All workers should have a safe workplace because it protects them from illnesses and other kinds of injuries. On top of that, a safe workplace reduces injury and illness costs and reduces the rate of absenteeism. As a result, there will be increased productivity, and this also boosts the morale of employees.

Q: What is the main difference between a risk and a hazard?

A: A hazard and a risk are not the same things. A hazard refers to something that can cause harm. It could be electricity, noise, chemicals, stress, and much more. On the other hand, risk refers to the chance of a hazard taking place and harm a person. The possibilities can either be high or low.

Q:  What is an inconvenient working workplace?

A: This refers to a situation where employees are not able to perform their work well because of the current physical condition in their workplace that can cause harm. These conditions include broken equipment, exposed wiring, and the presence of hazardous materials that make the workplace unsafe for workers.

Q:  What are the ways to keep workers safe in the construction industry?

A: One of the best ways workers can stay safe in construction jobs is wearing the right construction safety gear. Also, employers should provide health and safety training. There should also be regular inspection of tools and use of display clear signs.

Q: Who is responsible for safety at work?

A: Employers are responsible for safety at the workplace. They should provide workers with safe working conditions to reduce hazards. Employers should also be responsible by wearing protective safety gear, complying with the safety rules and standards of the organizations to prevent injuries.


If you are a construction worker, staying safe is essential. Unlike other workplaces, construction sites are prone to many accidents. However, you can keep yourself safe if you have the right construction safety gear.

I have given you a detailed guide on the right safety gear and why each is important. Each of these construction safety gear covered above are essential for every construction worker.

I have also given you essential tips that will help you choose the right construction safety gear, among other relevant information that you should know.

Make sure you have these safety gear to prevent the number of work-related accidents that happen in construction sites. Working without subjecting yourself to potential injuries increases employee morale and productivity.


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