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Anbu PPE which was established in 2008, is a premier manufacturer of different types of personal protective equipment, PPE kits. We can produce for your different style of face mask, 3 ply surgical masks, FFP2 mask, N95 masks etc

As one professional face masks manufacturer, we have CE EN certificate for different grade face mask, like CE EN149 and FDA certificate is available. you just tell us your requirements for the face mask, we will give you our best advice for the style and pirce.

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The Ultimate Guide For Face Masks

The Ultimate Guide of different face masks type, function, standard and feature.

Your Best Face Masks Supplier in China

Anbu safety is one leading face masks manufacturer that produces a variety of face mask, 3 ply medical masks, FFP2 face mask, FFP3 masks, KN95 and N95 masks… etc.

Our factory have more than 100 workers, we have two face mask production line which can supply 50000pcs per week for FFP2 mask and FFP3 mask.

We have TUV CE EN 149 certificate for Europe clients and FDA certificate, Noish certifocate for USA client.  it can give you quality face masks promise. our experienced sales team is committed to continuously provide good solution for your detail request.

In this FAQ guide, you will get all information about the best manufacturers of face mask. Let’s discuss the most frequently asked questions about the face masks and the manufacturers of face masks.

The Ultimate Guide to Face Masks

What is the face masks?

The face mask is used as a shield to cover your face. The face masks commonly used are usually made of plastic and steel. It is used in various places while playing certain sports, in hospitals, at offices, even at home. 

The face masks are used widely but at specific places and only by selective people. The workers at the hospital, especially in Tuberculosis (TB) centers, in Operation Theaters and labs, it’s compulsory to wear masks.

There are a lot of sports in which it is necessary to wear a face mask to protect your face to stop getting hurt. People with some medical conditions also use masks.

The primary reason for wearing masks is to keep harmful and contagious substances away from entering your nose and mouth.

There is a rise in the usage of face masks after Covid-19. The consumption of face masks has become very common, and almost everyone uses face masks whenever they go outside, in public and crowded places. 

Types of Face Mask

There are a lot of face masks used in different places. These types are briefly discussed below

Fabric Masks
These types of masks are basically used to protect you from cold winds, dust particles, and other visible material.

3 ply Masks

3 ply masks are made of non woven fabric, usually polypropylene. These masks are commonly called surgical masks. These masks consist of three layers: two non-woven layers with one melt-blown layer in the middle of these two layers. It serves the purpose of guarding you against aerosols droplets. It is the most common type of face mask used all around the world.


Respirators are intended to protect you from air-borne viruses and bacteria. The respirator seals tight against the face, completely covering your nose and mouth. These respirators are recommended to the health professionals. The respirator is made for single use but can be reused for a limited time after precautionary measures. N95 and KN95 are the common types of respirators used in this pandemic.

P100 respirator

P100 is the respirator with a filtration efficiency of 99.97 %. It is the highest efficiency among all the respirators. This type of respirator is also strongly resistant to oil. It is approved by NIOSH.

Full Face Respirator

Full face respirator is the type that protects not only your mouth and nose but also your eyes. It filters not dust or vapor but also the fumes, gases, and smoke. It consists of a facepiece and a cartridge to filter out the contaminated air. This respirator is utilized in labs where hazardous chemicals are used. Firefighters also use this type of respirator.

2. Are face masks can wash and reuse for a long duration?

Some face masks can be reused, and the masks made of fabric can be washed. Reuse and durability of face masks depend on how and where you use face masks.

For non-medical usage

For the people who do not come in close contact with any bodily fluids of sick patients and their masks are completely dry, it can be used for 3 days if kept with desiccated gel in a ziplock bag. The best suggestion is to use disposable face masks.

For medical usage

For the workers of hospitals, it is essential to wear masks, especially if seasonal influenza or other infectious disease is common. Discard the 3 ply face masks if you are in close contact with the patient.

In case of face respiratory masks like N95, KN95, etc., masks should be disposed of if it got contaminated by blood or any other bodily fluids of patients. They can be used for a limited time period after sterilization.

Without contamination, you can reuse your face masks depending on the situation. Maximum 8 hours is an allowed time to use the same face mask in the area where patients with the same pathogen are kept. Also, check that the mask fits securely. If not, then discard that immediately. Make sure that your hands are completely sanitized before and after touching your mask.

3. How do face masks work?

Initially, it was the myth that masks do not even work. Masks can not protect us against the newly found coronavirus (Covid-19).

Face masks actually work if you follow the SOPs given by your government. Alone the mask can’t protect you from getting infected. You must follow other precautions as well. The functioning of face masks depends on some factors.

     Who is wearing the face masks? (If the healthy people are wearing and infected people are not, the results won’t be the same)

     It is a two-way process in order to get rid of the Covid-19.

     The type of the mask (it is also only the right type according to your routine and your work and make the functioning effective)

     The quality is another basic factor in the whole functioning thing.


     Even if you’re wearing the right types of the mask but the quality of the mask is not up to the standards set by the states, it will be ineffective assistance.

4. What should you check before purchasing a face mask?

Buying face masks is not an easy task. Nowadays, a lot of manufacturers are available in the market with different types of masks, claiming they are the best. You can be easily tricked if you don’t pay attention to the notable things. There are a few things you should keep in mind while purchasing your face masks.


First, check for the material of the face mask or ask the manufacturer the material they have used. Face masks are made of different materials.

Also confirm, if any specific type of plastic material can cause allergy.


The type of face masks is very important. If you are not a health professional, you can buy 3 ply face masks. If you are a health professional, then there are multiple types of respirators available. Choose according to your requirement and need.


The purpose of face masks is to give you maximum protection, and for that goal, the quality of the face masks can never be compromised. Always buy from authentic places and certified manufactures.


Formation of the face masks also matters. According to the current circumstances, ‘ usage of face masks has become crucial. For the health professionals duration of the usage of the face masks can be far more than normal users. So the finishing of the face masks should be neat, and it must be comfortable.

5. Why is it necessary to wear a mask in this pandemic?

The Covi-19 is the family of viruses found in human beings recently in 19, which can be transmitted from one person to another. The main source of transmission is the bodily fluids of the affected person.

This virus can be easily transmitted from the saliva or mucus if the infected person coughs or sneezes in front of you.

It is one of the deadliest viruses which has caused the death of millions of people. This disease is just increasing day by day.

So to avoid the spread of the virus, it is advised to wear a face mask. The face masks help to minimize the spread and keep the others safe from getting infected. If face masks are used by both infected and non-infected (in specific conditions)

To protect the frontline workers from getting infected, WHO has advised respirators.

6. What is the difference between the surgical and non-surgical face masks?

The face masks are of the two types.

     Surgical face masks

     Non-surgical face masks

From the quality to the functioning of the face masks, these two types are totally different from each other.

Non-surgical Face Masks

Non-surgical face masks are the masks usually made of cloth, can be other textiles, and even paper. But keep this in mind that all clothes are not the same. Some clothes come up with better results and effective protection.

From the construction point of view, the fabric has a variety of range, some have large pores or holes, and some have very small ones.

Due to the lack of face masks, CDC suggests that other than health workers, common people can use non-surgical face masks.

Scientifically there is no evidence that the fabric face mask can guard against pathogens, but in the past, the face masks made of cloths were used during many bacterial and viral epidemics.

Even the medical professionals have used the masks made of gauze and cotton, and the rate of getting infected with those masks was very low.

These types of masks are not intended to stop the penetration of pathogens. Non-surgical masks are not certified face masks, and these can be easily made at home or commercially. Even CDC has given the tutorial on how to make a mask of fabric.

These masks can help from spreading infections. There is proof that fabric masks actually assist in slowing down the spread of pathogens.

Tightly woven fabric masks perform better than the knitted ones. If there are multiple layers, then it’s even better.

These masks can be an alternate of the surgical masks at this point.

Surgical Face Masks

Surgical face masks are the barriers and stop the spread of the droplets. These masks are loosely fitted masks but better than the fabric ones because of the nose stripes. The nose stripes hold the mask tightly and let it stick for hours on your face.

Surgical masks are usually disposable, but in some conditions, it can be reused after proper decontamination. These types of masks are used by hospitals and health workers.

Even surgical masks don’t filter small particles, and in the case of Covid-19, they are not advisable to the health professionals.

If we compare these two types of masks, then it is not difficult to say that surgical masks are way better than the non-surgical ones.

These masks are certified masks and contain the thin 3 layers of protective non-woven fabric, making it lightweight and comfortable.

7. Do the face masks made of cloth provide protection from microbes?

Masks made of cloth are commonly used everywhere before the Covid-19 situation. The famous types of fabric face masks are balaclava and ski masks. People also use a bandana to cover their faces. The purpose of these types of face masks was to protect against harsh cold winds and dust particles.

Face masks are also made by using a variety of fabrics. The level of filtration and protection depends on the type of fabric you are using.

There is no clarity found yet that the face masks made of cloth protect you against the microbes.

The only evidence found is, the fabric face masks protect the others from your mucus and droplets.

These masks can help to slow down the spread of viruses; if you are sick, you can protect others (the percentage is still unavailable).

Fabric face masks are hard to breathe. The masks of knitted fabric are easy to wear but pose more threat than other types. Also, if you add a layer of a filter in these masks, they will become less breathable.

For further guidance, watch this video.

8. When is it suitable to wear a face mask, and which type is suitable for you?

It was not necessary to wear face masks wherever you go before the Covid-19. Now the situation has changed.

     When you are staying at home, and no one at home is sick (COVID-19  positive), there is no need to wear a face mask.

     If someone is sick at home, he should wear a face mask and isolate himself. In this situation, fabric face masks can be used only in case another option is not available. Disposable surgical masks can be a good option; change your fabric face masks every time it gets wet or dirty.

     If you are not sick and went outside at a public place, use the disposable 3 ply face masks.

     Maintain a safe distance from sick people if you are wearing a mask made of fabric.

     You can wear fabric face masks; it is recommended by the CDC.

     If you work in health care centers, but you directly don’t come in contact with patients (especially COVID-19 positive), you can wear 3 ply masks.

     If you are a health professional and come in contact with patients, you should wear respirators.

     Avoid wearing masks with valves if you are sick because the valve only works in one direction filtering the air you inhale.

9. What is an appropriate method to wear a surgical face mask?

Face masks have become an essential part of life in this pandemic. Every person who has to go outside the house uses a face mask. There are certain rules you should follow for wearing the face mask; otherwise, you will contaminate your mask.

     Wash your hands with soap or hand wash for 40-60 seconds.

     In case soap is not available, use alcohol-based sanitizer and rub it thoroughly.

     Check your masks and make sure it is not used before.

     It shouldn’t have holes or dirt on it.

     Identify the outside of the face mask.

     Check out the position of the metal strip.

     The colored side in most of the masks should be outside, but it depends on the manufacturer.

     If the manufacturer has used both the colored fabric when you wear the masks, plates or folding should be forward and downward.

     Place the metal strip of the face mask on your nose.

     Pinch the metal strip according to the shape of your nose so that no gap remains.

     Cover your face, nose, and chin with the mask.

Don’t touch your masks when it is on your face. If it is necessary, make sure to wash your hands before touching your mask.

10. How to dispose of the used face mask properly?

Disposing of the used face masks carefully is as important as wearing it properly.

Used face masks, especially contaminated ones, are the risk. These masks can cause serious health risks if exposed or come into contact with a person.

The below-mentioned points can help you to dispose of the face mask.

     First of all, hold your face masks from ear loops or untie the strings.

     Remove the mask by holding those loops or strings.

     Don’t touch the front of your face mask.

     Fold your mask inward by holding it from the edges.

     Use tissue paper to be more secure.

     Place the mask in the tissue or a ziplock bag.

     Throw it out in a closed waste bin. 

Your used face mask is treated as medical waste, so don’t throw it out anywhere. If the mask is of an infected person, it should be handled with extra care. The life span of different viruses and bacteria varies. It can be from a few hours to several days, depending on the material.

It can be dangerous for people, especially when the pandemic is going on.

11. Are there any health hazards after the prolonged usage of face masks?

Face masks are now considered an essential accessory. Before this pandemic, not everyone used face masks. Only the people related to certain fields and a few people due to medical conditions were used to wearing face masks. Now everyone has to wear a face mask, and it is not an easy task for them.Apart from a few people, no one has ever complained about any complications or problems by wearing face masks.

It is considered that after the pandemic, the usage time of the face mask has increased, especially for health professionals.

It is found that after prolonged use of face masks, there were red marks around the nose area of many health carers.

People with no usage history often complained about shortness of breath; this may be the case due to humidity. 

Other than that, there is no evidence that the face masks approved by the FDA and CDC cause any complications for the users.

The problem is that the world is facing a shortage of PPEs. Everyone wants to protect himself and his family. Due to this shortage, a lot of local manufacturing companies have started making masks to cope with the shortage issue.

The local manufacturers don’t take care of standards set by their governments and ISO. Those face masks contain different types of nanopores.

Inhaling those nanopores can cause shortness of breath and inflammation in the lungs. The prolonged usage of those masks can even cause lung cancer.

12. Which brand sells the best face masks for children in China?

As the world is facing a difficult time right now, it is even more difficult for the parents of the children. Parents have shown their concerns about the well-being of their children. The studies and data found until now show that the children just have shown mild symptoms of Covid-19 or remain asymptomatic.

The problem is that they are the potential carriers of this virus, and unknowingly, they are spreading it.

Now the most difficult task is to convince them to wear face masks or getting them used to of it.

It is hard for them to keep putting face masks, and for a longer period of time, it becomes hard for them.                                                 

Thankfully the manufacturers came up with the solution for that, and they are making masks of different beautiful shapes.

These masks are going to appeal to the children, and it will be easy and fun for them to wear.

Here is the list of some best manufacturers of face masks for children.

  1. Wellmien(Suzhou) Imp. & Exp. Trading Co., Ltd.
  2. Henan Huakang Hongli Medical Devices Co., Ltd
  3. Shanghai Lulu Technology Co., Ltd.

Keep this in mind that babies less than 2 years should not wear face masks. Masks can cause suffocation for the little babies.

13. What are the face mask standards of different countries?

It is fundamental that the sops are followed correctly for making face masks as these are life-saving products, and any negligence can cause severe damage. Similarly, the quality of the face mask is also important, and it is the part of sops to ensure the quality of face masks.

The standard operating procedure is a set of instructions applied for daily routine work in certain cases (where necessary). The purpose of SOP to carry out the work in the same manner and correctly. SOPs are compulsory and to follow at any cost; the deviation is possible if instructed or documented by some authority.

For the manufacturing of medical products, there is a standard operating procedure. But to ensure the quality of the product, there are some other standards set by every country.

For the functioning of the face mask, there are some specifications for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE)

These specifications are provided by international standards.

In the case of PFE (for a dust respirator), standards are

     EN Specifications EN 149 (By European Union)

     NIOSH Specifications NIOSH 42CFR84 (By National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health)

     Japan National Assay Specifications JMHLW-Notification 124

     Chinese National Standards GB2626

     Aus/Nz Respiratory Protection Standard AS/NZ 1716

     Korean Standard KMOEL-2017-64

Specification for Medical Face Masks

Face masks used by medical health professionals have these specifications.

     Bacterial Filtration Efficiency

     Pressure Drop

The additional specifications

     Particle Filtrations Efficiency

     Fluid Resistant 

In the case of BFE, standards are

China: YY 0469





Level 1

Level 2

Level 3





Europe: EN 14683

Type 1

Type 2

Type 3





Here is the list of the face masks of different standards of various countries.

FFP (FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3)

These are the types of respirators of European standards commonly called filtering facepieces. These respirators have three levels and work according to the level.

FFP1 filters non-toxic materials. (80% filtration rate)

FFP2 filters low-level toxic materials. (94% filtration rate)

FFP3 filters high-level toxic materials. (99% filtration rate)

N95, N99, and N100

These are American standard filtering facepiece respirators approved by NIOSH. These are also made up of polymer fibers, polypropylene, and by melt blow forming layers of filtration. The efficiency of N95 is almost 95% equivalent to FFP2.

Coming in the series N99 is equivalent to the FFP3 to protect 99% air-borne particles. In comparison, N100 does have at least 99.97% filter capacity.

KN95. KN99, and KN100

KN95 is the barrier against the air-borne material. It’s a waterproof 5 layered face respirator. These masks are regulated by China. The filtration capacity of KN95 is equal to the N95. KN99 and KN100 are similar to the N99 and N100 in standards.

P1, P2, and P3

These are the respiratory guides given by Australia/New Zealand. The filtration efficiency of P1 is ≥80%. P2 has efficiency equal to 94%, and P3 has a filtration rate of ≥99%.

It is notable that the standards of different countries match with each other. Korean filtration efficiency is similar to EU standards. The Chinese and American standards are quite similar to PFE. While standards of the EU and the USA are similar in the case of BFE.

14. How to approach manufacturers of the face masks in China?

The technology revolution has just shrunk the world. Now it is not difficult for people from all over the world to gather on a single platform. Businesses have expanded through online communication.

It is not necessary for you to go abroad to make deals with companies. Now meeting online with your business partner is just seconds away. There are many platforms available online where you can find the manufacturers and suppliers of your requirement from anywhere in the world.


B2B is a way to do commerce or e-commerce. Business to business (B2B) is a forum where one business meets other business. In the easy words here, the transaction only happens between companies to support other businesses ‘ needs to operate.

Here individual consumer or person dealing does not happen. The only business that wants to buy in bulk for their business can search manufacturers or suppliers with the help of B2B.

B2B not only happens for bigger products, but it also happens between small scale businesses. With this platform, for the complex purchase, sometimes, the bidding process is also required. For large orders, decision-making teams are also available, which can take weeks, months, or even years, depending on the size of the order and capacity of the manufacturer.

B2B companies work in different industries, including health care. There are different types of B2B companies, and you can find them according to your convenience. 

  • You can directly contact the manufacturers. A lot of companies operate in this way.
  • You can approach the retailers who purchase products from manufacturers and then sell to the businesses.

Alibaba and made-in-china.com are the two best service providers in China. Here you can find the verified manufacturers of face masks.

Through google

You can expand your search by checking the reviews found on google. It is another easiest and fastest way. The criteria selected by the website for suggesting the best options is also available on the website.

15. How to differentiate the good face mask supplier from others?

To differentiate the good face mask supplier keep the below-mentioned points in your mind.

     A good supplier always complies with the standards, and in the case of face masks, it is essential to always meet the standards.

     All the documentation related to the insurance, audit reports, certifications must be up-to-dated.

     A good supplier is inevitably flexible. He will listen to your requirements and all of your demands with the negotiation element.

     He has a third-party certification. A good one will never hesitate with the inspection from a third party.

     Language is a barrier for non-native speakers. He not only knows the language, but he should also be efficient in communication.

     A good supplier not only gives you his time but also pay attention to the details you have provided to him.

     He should have knowledge about the face masks and provide satisfaction with the sample product. 

16. What types of methods are used by Chinese manufacturers to make face masks?

With the scarcity of face masks due to Covid-19, the demand for face masks has suddenly increased.

To keep up with the growing demand for face masks, manufacturers have doubled the process of manufacturing face masks.

Currently, the manufacturers have also tried to shift from the common method to the 3D printing method.

The face masks manufactured in China by the following method

By Sewing Machines

In some parts of China, face masks are made on sewing machines using fabric to meet the demand for face masks.

A handbag making company has started this method to cope with the need of the hour. They started making masks of cloth, but they also use the layer of the melt blow in the formation of face masks. They make 7000 a day by using sewing machines operated by workers.

Raw Materials used for manufacturing 3 Ply Masks

There are three raw materials that are used, two rolls of non woven fabric and one roll of melt blow non-woven fabric. The melt blow fabrics are usually manufactured by the extrusion process using melt blow technology. In this method, plastic is extruded from a die with small nozzles.

On the conveyor, this extruded plastic is blown by hot air (melt blow process) to create tiny fiber, less than a micron in diameter.

These tiny fibers then used to make rolls of melt-blow non-woven fabric in the factories

The other two fabrics are usually made from polypropylene or can also be made of polystyrene, polyester, polyethylene, etc.

These fabrics are made using the spun bonding process. First, plastic is extruded. This extruded material in the form of a web (strands) upon cooling down, strands bond with each other

By semi-automatic ultrasonic machine

Ultrasonic machines are used for manufacturing face masks for a long time.

In the semi-automatic machines, workers have to work on separate parts of the face masks because different machines are used to make different parts (like attaching ear loops or straps with other machines). In this type of method, the manufacturing of face masks can be a little fast but not as fast as the need is. 

By fully automatic ultrasonic machine

This is the process used for manufacturing the face masks as fast as it can be.

In this process, first of all, the raw has been collected from the medical plants or other places, depending on the companies.

The rolls of three non-woven fabrics are placed in such a way that the melt blows fabric sandwich between the other two non-woven fabrics.

These are set by the workers, and then the ultrasonic machine starts working. First, these arranged fabrics are pressed to make plates then pass from the roller to staple these three layers together.

Then passing through different procedures, the ear loops or straps are attached. Then these masks are checked by and verified by the workers present in the factory.

The masks which are defective or do not meet the standards are discarded, and those who are meeting the criteria are then assembled for packaging.

By 3D printing


Another method for making masks is 3D printing. This method is used to deal with the shortage of face masks. In this method, instructions and the image of the face mask have been in the file, and then printing has been started using plastic material. This method is not a popular method due to issues of proper filtration, and these are not certified masks.

The given link video can help you to understand the automatic manufacturing of face mask in China

17. What are the regulations for importing face masks from China?

The Chinese government has certain regulations for the importer, which they must comply with for importing anything from China.

     The duty rate has been fixed on the product to export. This export duty shall be paid within the given time limit.

     In the case of a violation of the trade agreement, China will impose restrictions or prohibition.

     China has impost new export regulations during this pandemic.

     According to the new regulation, medical products can be exported by providing a declaration and evidence.

     The medical products like face masks are registered in China and certified by NMPA.

     The quality of the products (face mask) also meets the standard requirements set by the country of the importer.

18. How to import face masks from China?

Face masks have become the topmost thing ever imported from China during the past few months due to the circumstances. A lot of potential buyers from all over the world are contacting the manufacturers in China. Here are 4 tips for importing face masks from China.

Audit Manufacturer

It is an extensive inspection of the manufacturer to ensure his performance. You can overlook the following things before sealing the deal:

     Business registration number and the number of employees working for him

     The location of the factory and the infrastructure of the factory

     Safety measures are taken by him in the factory

     The source of the raw material

     Condition of the equipment and machines used in the factory

Your Intellectual Property

You should sign non-disclosure, non-uses, and non-circumvent agreement before sharing your sensitive information. Make this agreement according to the legal bindings in China, and to avoid any trouble, write your agreement in Chinese. In case of need, hire legal consultants with the knowledge of Chinese law.

Check the Prices

Before finalizing, the manufacturer double-checks the prices of face masks. To make sure to check the prices and quality of similar face masks with other manufacturers. Quality always comes with a price. So spending a little extra money is not bad because the customer will only buy the face masks of better quality.

Find a supplier

The supplier is the person who will help you out when you are far away from the manufacturer. The supplier will go to the factory to ensure the product, and he will handle all the logistics for you.

He will handle everything from the production of face masks in the factory, final product in the container, to the port, and finally shipment to your country.

Trade Assurance

If you are dealing through the Alibaba website, they provide you the trade assurance services. It covers the product ordered via their website in case the supplier fails to provide the services on time, or the quality of the product is not up to the standards. So Alibaba is the safe option if you are considering importing face masks from China.

19. Do the face masks play an effective role in controlling Covid-19?

The world was not prepared for such a disastrous pandemic. Initially, it was hard dor scientists to identify and determine the solutions for the Covid-19.

When it was suggested that face masks play a key role in minimizing the spread of the virus, there was a rapid increase in demand.

This rapid increase in the use of face masks has caused the scarcity of masks. As China was the epicenter of the Covid-19, it was facing a major crisis over this issue.

China has increased its production to 12 folds. The workers are working very hard to meet the demand.

Due to the shortage of face masks, many countries have revised their export policies about face masks. China was the largest exporter of face masks even before the Covid-19. The country is now making more than ever.

Even though China has revised export policies but not making it complex and hard for importers, you can easily import face masks from China without any complications.

Face masks manufactured in China have played an effective role and continuously improve the performance in manufacturing.


No doubt, a face mask is one of the best personal protective equipment. The concept of the face mask has shifted from the protection of patients to the protection of health professionals. As we have discussed, every type of face mask so chooses it according to your suitable environment. 

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