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About Anbu PPE

Anbu PPE which was established in 2008, is a premier manufacturer of different types of personal protective equipment, PPE kits, Medical ppe kits, safety shoes, protective coverall, nitril gloves, face shield, safety glasses and many other construction safety ppe kits items.

We strive to provide best service to our customers with professional sales team, qualified designer and dedicated QC team which is responsible for 100% on-line products inspection to ensure best quality. Our innovative ppe designers and experienced workers are available at your request to ensure fast sample preparation.

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We have CE EN certificate and NFPA certificate which guarantee safety PPE kits good quality


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For mostly of our safety PPE kits items meet  CE EN standard, it is ok for OEM order with your own logo and packing. one free sample is available, you just undertake courier air freight charges.

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The Ultimate Guide For Face Shield

The Ultimate Guide of different face shield type, function, standard and feature.

Your Best Face Shield Supplier in China

Anbu safety is one leading face shield manufacturer that produces a variety of face shield, face shield masks, face shield hat, face shield helmet, kids face shield… etc.

Our factory have more than 100 workers, we can produce each order in short delivery time. You can get our promise for the order soon delivery and good quality.

We have CE EN certificate for Europe market and FDA certificate for USA market.  it can give you quality face shield promise. our experienced team is committed to continuously provide good solution for your detail request.

A mask manufactured with crystal plastic to cover the face is called a face shield. It is an important part of personal protective equipment (PPE).

This mask is designed to protect your face from hazards such as road debris, chemical splashes, dangerous poison gas (from industries and small factories), seasonal viruses, body fluids (Operation Theater) excursions, and any flying objects.

 In this FAQ guide, we will discuss each and everything related to Face shield manufacturers with the best possible answers. Let’s discuss the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about face shield manufacturers.

The Ultimate Guide to Face Shield Manufacturer

What is the face shield?

The face shield is protective gear, one of the personal protective equipment used at various places. It is a shield that protects the face of the wearer from highly contagious diseases and other risks.

The face shield provides protection from head to your chin; some shields even cover half of your neck. It all depends on your requirement.

These face shields are used by many health professionals and non-health professional workers at their workplaces.

These face shields are aimed to protect your facial area and associated mucous membranes, which are eyes, mouth, and nose, from chemical splashes, poison gases, and other dangerous fluids.

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What are the types of face shields?

There are different types of face shields available in the market. They are used for various purposes. The types of face shields given below:

  1. Disposable face-sheet.
  2. Wide face shield
  3. Food-grade plastic sheet.
  4. Wide face shield
  5. Face-shield with built-in goggles.
  6. Bandana
  7. Gaiter
  8. Headband face shield.

What are the parts of face shields?

Face shields are comprised of different parts. Face shields have different types, and every type consists of different parts, but every face shield consists of some common parts. These parts are described in detail here.


First, every face shield contains the plastic cover called a visor. It is the main element in the shield. There is a variety of range in the size of that visor.


The second component of face shields is the headband. It is to attach and adjust the visor to protect your face against any harm. There is no need to change the headband along with visors. 

Head Strap

The other important component of face shields is the head strap, which you attach to the headband. The Head strap is used to adjust the shield according to the size of your head and comfort.


There is foam attached to the headbands to protect your forehead. It gives comfort and protects against marks on the head. Some shields come with permanent foam attached with the headband, and some come with removable foam stripes.

Head Covers

Some other face shields also have head covers to protect the crown of your head, especially if you are working with heavy materials.

face shield part

What are the features of face shields?

There are multiple features of face shields. These are listed below:
  • A face shield must be in the visor lens material.
  • It should be comfortable and fit according to your facial area requirement.
  • It should be able to provide you Ultra-violet protection.
  • It should be manufactured with anti-fogging, anti-scratching, and anti-reflective coating.
  • It should protect you from an unhygienic environment.
It should be manufactured according to the criteria of PPE.

When should face shields be worn?

As we all know already, a face shield is used for personal protection. The Occupational and safety health administration (OSHA) endorse the wearing of a face shield at your workplace.

 If you are facing the following condition at your workplace:

  • If you are contacting with acid or chemical splashes.
  • Is there any radiation?
  • Poison gases.
  • Many flying objects.
  • Treating patients

The face shield is mandatory if you are working in the following industries:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Laboratories
  3. Food services.
  4. Spa and salons
  5. Artwork
  6. Construction.
  7. Manufacturing.

Or any public dealing.

How to clean your plastic face shields?

In the process of protecting your face, sometimes it gets contaminated with contagious bacterias and viruses. If you are not wearing disposable shields, it becomes necessary to make sure that whenever you wear the shield, it is sterilized.

Cleaning your face shields is an easy task to do.

  • You can soak your face shield in the warm soapy water to cleanse all contamination.
  • After rubbing gently with the clean fabric, remove it from the water.
  • Rinse it with clean water and then dry it with the towel or microfiber.
  • You can cleanse every component separately if that seems convenient.
  • An alternative method to this is you can skip the soaking part and just gently rub soap or hand wash on the visor and then wash with water.
  • Another option is to clean the face shield by using (70% isopropyl) sanitizing wipes.

It is advised that before cleaning face shields, you must wash your hands. It is better if you wear nitrile gloves for cleaning your face shield to avoid contamination. Always rub gently using your hands. Don’t use any other thing; it may leave scratches.

Don’t use any of the harsh chemicals to clean up your face shield because those chemicals can leave residues, which can cause irritation and discomfort. 

The link is given below can help you to understand the method of cleaning your face shield

Which material is used for manufacturing face shields?

Various materials are used for manufacturing face shields. Each part of the face shield is made of a different material. The main element used in the composition of the face shields is plastic.

Cellulose Acetate

  • It is a plant-based plastic that is stronger than normal plastic.
  • It does not break or twist easily and can bear a varied range of temperature under normal stress.
  • These types of face shields can sustain without changing shape under normal temperature.


  • Polycarbonate is a good choice to work with as it can be molded easily.
  • Polycarbonate blocks almost 99% of UV rays, giving your face shield maximum safety.
  • It is a little brittle, makes only short life face shields.

Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

  • It is one of the best choices for making face shields more durable.
  • It has great resistance to certain chemicals.
  • It can be affected at boiling temperature.
  • It is an affordable material and can be recycled.

Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG)

  • It has basically the same composition as PET but, with the addition of glycol, changes its properties.
  • This material is more pliable and less brittle than PET.
  • The outer layer is easy to get scratched.

Other than these materials, parts of the face shield have a foam made of any thermosetting or thermoplastic resin. The different companies use different materials for making head straps for adjustment. Rubber and elastic are the most common materials used for head straps.

How face shields are manufactured?

There are three methods for manufacturing the face shields. These are the following methods commonly used:

Injection molding:

It is the method mostly used for manufacturing. In this process, the material is poured into granules form and heated until molten. After melting the material, it is poured into the mold. A certain pressure is applied to get the desired results.

Extrusion Process:

For manufacturing, the face shields extrusion process is generally preferred as it provides better resistance than the injection moulding process. The extrusion process involves the forcing of material into the pre-shaped die to get the desired shapes.

3D Printing Process:

It is the method in which face shields are manufactured by digital files. In this process, by the input of the digital map, parts of face shields are manufactured in the printer. Check the link to understand the 3D printing process.

What are the benefits of a face shield?

There are numerous benefits of using face shields. Some are listed below:
  • It covers your facial area and protects you from unhygienic conditions.
  • The face shield has impenetrable plastic covering.
  • Secure your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • 90% safe from virus attack.
  • Face shields are more comfortable than masks.
  • You can easily clean it with soap and water.
  • You can deliver your facial expression while communicating with others, which is not possible in a mask.
  • Available in the market, which is fog and stretches free coating.
  • You can easily breathe as compared with a face mask.

Is there any specific age to wear a face shield mask?

During the pandemic of COVID-9 in china, all people, even newborn babies, were wearing face shields to protect themselves from the epidemic. So the face shield is suitable for every age.

According to standard criteria. The following group of people is wearing Face shields.

12-years and below:

Children at the age of 12 and below can wear face shields easily as compared to masks.

Every aging adult:

Adults wear face shields with the collaboration of other Safety equipment.

Do you need to wear safety glasses under a face shield?

Face shields are providing protection to your facial area from a variety of dangers. You can also wear safety glasses under face shields for extra eye protection. Typically there is a gap between the bottom and side of the face shield.

Liquid and debris moving through this gap can easily contact your eyes, causing an injury. You should evaluate the danger at your workplace first and choose the best protective eye equipment with the collaboration face shield for complete protection.

NFPA 70E requires safety glasses/spectacles to be worn as primary eye protection with the collaboration of the face shield. When a Worker has to handle hazardous chemicals, only a face shield alone doesn’t provide complete safety.

If you are working in one of the following conditions at your workplace. Safety glasses are mandatory for you.

     If you are working with molten metals in furnaces and torch cutting.

     If you’re doing a welding operation that is going to expose workers to ultraviolet radiation.

     If you are doing work like grinding and deburring operation.

     If you are working with powdered chemicals or going to handle skin-corrosive liquid.

Face shield, goggles, and glasses all are the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They all are offering different safety benefits. You just need to ensure that worker’s eyes and faces are properly protected from hazards at their workplace is the primary goal.

Glasses, goggles, and face shields all offer different safety benefits. It’s important to distinguish between the level of safety each type of equipment offers. Doing so ensures that workers’ eyes and faces will be properly protected from hazards in the workplace.

What is the average price of a face shield?

In China, the market is full of safety equipment. But we talk about face shields. They are available at different prices. You can buy these face shields online or self-purchase from the physical market.

The average price starts at $0.5-$2.  But these prices depend upon the following factors.

     Brand:  There are many brands available in the market. So the cost of face shield varies from brand to brand. Some brands are famous regarding their premium quality products. So their prices are high as compared to local brands.   

  Size: There are different sizes available for the face shield. So the price of a face shield depends upon the size too. If you are buying for children, it will cost less, or buying for adults will cost more. 

    Material:  The material used to manufacture the face shield is also the main factor. If a face shield is manufactured with premium quality material, it will cost high. If the low-quality material is used to manufacture the face shield, it will cost low.

    Extra fast delivery charges: If you buy face shield from an Online site. You have to pay extra delivery charges for quick delivery. So, It will be add on rather than the required product cost.0.5

How to wear a face shield in the correct way?

The following steps should be performed to wear a face shield in the correct way.

  • Washing hands: First of all, you have to wash your hand before touching the face shield. It will keep your shield safe from unhygienic touch. So It will be used for a long time.
  • Forehead band: Touch only the forehead bands when putting on or taking off your face shield.
  • Set the position: You need to set the position of your face. The forehead band should sit approximately ½-1 inch above from the eyebrows and the end with the bottom of the shield sitting below the chin.
  • Comfort level: After putting on a face shield, check your comfort level first. Can you easily talk and breathe while wearing a face shield?


For more details, you can watch this video and follow the steps:

How to choose the best face shield?

Here we are discussing the criteria to choose the best face shield for you. This criterion is finalized by many professional’s experiences and their recommendations.

You must need to verify the material of the Face shield.  The face shield is manufactured with a durable material such as polycarbonate, pro acetate, propionate, nylon mesh, Steel, or polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG).

As by expert review, steel and nylon mesh offers good airflow. So keep this point in your mind while purchasing a face shield.

Check whether the face shield is manufactured with anti-fogging coating or not. This feature maintains visibility throughout the work in extremely cold weather.

 Anti Scratching-coating:

Must verify the face shield is manufactured with anti-scratching-coating or not. This feature increases the durability of the face shield and offers easier to clean. 


You need to put attention on this point and check your comfort level while wearing a face shield. Can you easily breathe and talk while wearing a face shield? It should be lightweight and easy to carry.


Your face shield should be coated with an anti-reflective feature. So It will not disturb your sight if you are facing some high-level brightness directly.

Ultraviolet protection:
Face shields must be capable of protecting you from ultraviolet rays. These are harmful rays for your skin. So Face shield must be manufactured as such a way to secure you from the UV rays.

Collaborate with other PPE:
Face shields allow you to wear safety glasses and other N-95 marks inside for more protection.

The face shield is durable. It must offer you to reuse the face shield survival of time after cleaning with a soft cloth. Some face shields allow you to wash them with soap as well.

A face shield should pass all the mandatory strands by the American National Standards Institute or CE EN standard.

A price must be reasonable. Check the face shield features and make a decision is this face shield is worth paying or not?

What are the limitations of face shields?

As you know that there are many advantages and positive aspects of wearing face shields, but there are certain limitations of the face shield. These limitations are mentioned below:

  • Exposure for a long time can contaminate face shield.
  • Aerosol can reach the mouth from gaps on sides.
  • Even if you are wearing a face shield, the microbes in your mucus can reach others when they are airborne.

Are Face Shields Better than Face Masks for Covid-19?

The purpose of both pieces of equipment is the same, and that is to protect you from Covid-19. If we compare which one is more effective than the answer is a face shield.

  • It gives more coverage than a face mask.
  • It reduces the chances of contamination by constant hand touch (in case of a mask).
  • It is washable, so it is more durable.
  • It is helpful for deaf and mute than a face mask.
  • It is more comfortable and breathable.

How to find the right face shield manufacturer?

You want to buy the best face shield; you will need the right manufacturer to place your order. Always make sure you are investing in the right place. There are many manufacturers available in China; you can easily find out reviews about them. To avoid any scam or fraud, you should keep following things in your mind.


The first step for purchasing the face shield make sure that the company you are buying from is legitimate. Check the registration and license of the company. You can check the information about the manufacturer on Ali Baba, Ali Express, and made in china.com.  You will find out the profile and all related information of the manufacturer on these sites.

So that you can buy from an authentic manufacturer, the authentic manufacturer always provides contact information (landline number) and the physical address.


Before ordering from a manufacturer, make sure that it is legal for the company to sell you their product. Approval from the Chinese Government is very important in this matter, to avoid any trouble afterward.


Read all the provided information and their policies (return, backorder, damage claim) given on their websites. A right face shield manufacturer must have given its clear policies.


Ask for a sample of the face shield before ordering in bulk. Even if you have to pay for that sample, get your sample first. In this way, you can make sure that the manufacturer is supplying only good quality products. To ensure the quality, if it is possible, you should also visit the site of manufacturing companies.

Professional exhibitions and fairs

A lot of professional exhibitions and fairs are held in China. It is an easy way to meet authentic and compatible manufacturers and suppliers. Try to attend those exhibitions to find a potent business partner.

Online B2B platform

There are many B2B website which you can easy to find face shield manufacturers. Especially like Alibaba.com, made-in-china.com etc. mostly of face shield suppliers will have one account on such B2B website. You can check their face shield style and the price, it will save you much time to choose it on such website.

Search face shield manufacturers on google

  Many client choose to find face shield on google, for the big face shield manufacturers will have their own website. The website was indexed by google. Usually you will find 3-5 professional face shield manufacturers on top 30 of google. It much save your times to find the right face shield supplier.

How to choose one best supplier among many options?

You can shortlist one best supplier for initiating your venture in the field of face shields from China. Chinaimportal has reviewed a few companies to narrow down your list.

  • Greateagle Safety Products Co., Ltd.
  • Anbu Safety Industrial Co., Ltd
  • Hubei Healthcare Protective Products Co., Ltd
  • Guangzhou Yangyue Safety Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Taizhou Feirong Glasses Co., Ltd.

All you have to do is just set criteria according to your requirements. Match those requirements with the below-mentioned qualities and find your best supplier with these qualities.


Check the reliability of the supplier. The behavior of the supplier toward your request is one of the most important things. Depending upon their attitude towards your offer, you will be able to understand his reliability.


Ask the supplier to provide some contactable references. When your supplier provides you with references, then contact those references. In this way, you can make sure which supplier is best bases on the experience of those contacts.

Production Capability

Research the production capabilities of the suppliers is necessary to meet your requirements. Production of face shield requires special care and good skills, so keep that in mind while searching for a supplier.

Ethical and Regulatory Compliance

When you contact and do background checks on him, also check that he complies with authorities. He also takes care of ethics and works environment as it can affect the production of your order.

Product Delivery Time

It is a very appropriate requirement to get the best supplier. Always ask the product delivery time to check their manufacturing capacity. It is negotiable according to your requirement and their availability

How to deal with face shields manufacturers?

If you are interested in increasing your business horizon and expanding it to the overseas, just keep the following things in your mind.

Hire Sourcing Company
Doing business overseas is not as simple as in one’s own country. To start that, you need to do some background checking of your manufacturer.

To do that, you can get help from sourcing companies like Ali Baba, and Ali express if you are doing business in China. Even if you still doubt you can hire a third party to check out the authentication of the manufacturer.

Clear Specifications
When you are doing business overseas, be specific about the product. For the face shields, you have to tell design, types, components, and other requirements. It will help to get the exact product and make sure that the manufacturer gets your instructions.

Communicate Clearly
Communication is the most important thing while doing business. It becomes difficult if you are doing it with non-English speakers. You can avoid misunderstandings if you bridge that communication gap.

Qualified PPE manufacturer
One of the most important factors while ordering face shields is to check their quality. Demand the manufacturer to provide the certificate for the quality of products, such as CE EN certificate and ANSI , FDA certificate. The quality will much better if they have certificate and test report of face shield.

How to import face shield from China?

China has become the most important exporter in the world. China is also one of the biggest manufacturers of PPEs (including face shields).

The process of importing from can become easy and efficient if you keep following things in mind.

Value of the Product

The value of your product is a key factor. The world is facing a huge crisis nowadays because of Covid-19. In this health emergency, the face shields are one of the most important things. So importing face shield and especially from the biggest manufacturer, is the right choice.

Minimum Order Quantity

Some websites usually show high MOQ on their website. To avoid any trouble later, always ask the MOQ set by the manufacturer. Mostly the MOQ is negotiable.

The Product allowed by Government

You are importing one of the parts of PPE, so it is necessary that you should check that if the certificate provided by your supplier matches the international standards or standards set by your country.

Duties and Taxes
Make sure you calculate the taxes on the import of your products. It is calculated by Duty = duty%* Product Price
Custom value can also find out by your Cost, Insurance, and Freight value.

Payment Method

Always choose a safe and secure method of payment. Paypal is one of the securest options of payment but uses the one which is suitable for you and the supplier.

Freight Shipping

Shipping depends on the size of your order and the location of your country. You can either choose Cost, Insurance and freight or Free on Board agreement for your shipping. Although sea freight is the slow process, it is the safest method 

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