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Industrial Accidents are caused by Poor Safety Regulations

Industrial Accidents

Industrial Accidents are caused by Poor Safety Regulations

Industrial accidents are tragic incidents that can occur in any industrial workplace. They usually occur under a wide range of circumstances in various ways. These accidents are mainly caused by unsafe equipment and poor safety regulations in most industries in the US.

These accidents are entirely avoidable in most circumstances when the right precautions are taken. Who is responsible for the accident? There is always human error, but in most cases, employers have the biggest responsibility. These accidents are usually very costly for both parties.

In most industrial workplaces, employers don’t provide the right safety equipment, and they don’t provide proper safety training to the workers. Such errors cause accidents in most industries.

Below we shall look at how poor safety regulations and unsafe equipment can cause industrial accidents. We will also cover the causes and prevention of accidents at the construction site.

1. Equipment Malfunction

Today most industries use mechanical equipment and other tools in order to increase their productivity. This can reduce the amount of manual labor, but of course, someone has to see to it that the machinery performs. In this case, the worker can suffer injuries or in some cases, death when a machinery malfunctions.

According to the Bureau of Labour statistics in 2016, contact with equipment was one of the six leading deaths to workers. It was noted that being struck by machinery and equipment was one of the fatal four causes of accidents in construction sites.

Some of the equipment that can malfunction at work may include conveyor belts, hydraulic hoses, pumps, fans, grinders, factory machines, and many others.

2. Poor Maintenance Of Equipment

Any industrial equipment requires proper maintenance for proper functioning. If not, this can cause malfunction of machinery which causes Accidents, and the result is the employee gets injured. Second most equipment maintenance problem in US plants is poor maintenance of pneumatic captive belt stunner.

These require careful maintenance for maximum hitting power. Sometimes employers overlook the need to check all machinery if they are properly maintained. Machinery maintenance may be a little costly, but any machine needs to keep up with its daily production rate.

3. Defective Machinery And Equipment

Employees in construction, maritime, oil and gas, agriculture, and other Industries work with several dangerous equipment and machinery. These equipment and machinery need skilled personnel to operate them. When the machinery and equipment are defective, they will cause severe and fatal injuries to those operating them.

Defects of the machinery and equipment can cause deadly accidents for the operators. These accidents can have very tragic outcomes. Some of the accidents may include:

  • Electrocution
  • Explosions/ fires
  • Toxic chemical exposure
  • Workers can fall to lower levels
  • Getting stuck between parts of equipment or the Machine, among other accidents.

4. Poor Supervision And Management

This can impact greatly any organization. Poor supervision and management can result to lower performance levels, conflicts, tensions other problems.

Once there is mismanagement of employees or equipment, this can cause the quality of work and production to drop significantly. Poor supervision can cause several problems coming up where they were non-existent.

The responsibility of a supervisor is not just ensuring that the work is done properly on time. They should also ensure that all the necessary safety precautions are taken for each worker.

These are some of the characteristics of bad management and supervision. They include lack of accountability, allowing poor working conditions, avoiding honest communication, and efficient help provided workers e t c.

5. Lack Of Proper Training

There are different types of Accident Prevention, and proper training is one of them. When employees lack proper training, they contribute little to the success of any industry. Employees need to know enough to perform well and also avoid any form of Accidents while carrying out their duties.

Also, if managers are not adequately trained, it can lead to complications in the workplace. An industry that doesn’t train its staff can suffer a lot of costly expenses for so many reasons. These include paying medical expenses for injured unskilled workers, always defending the company from lawsuits from injured workers, etc.

6. Safety Violations

This refers to the violation of certain workplace safety standards, regulations, policy, and rule. The worker has got the right to a safe work environment.

All employers are required to ensure that all workers do not violate any safety standards under employer must enforce the standards as well. This will prevent industrial accidents caused by human error.

Not providing workers with protective clothing can be a risk to their lives. Depending on the nature of the work, workers should have protective gear like safety clothing, steel-toed boots, protective suit, and other safety products.

Most Industries use heavy machinery which requires to be operated with precaution. Violating safety standards can cause accidents such as:

  • Workers having hearing problems,
  • Body parts being ground by machines
  • Equipment falling on employees causing damage in case they are not wearing head protective gear.

7. Insufficient Lighting And Poor Ventilation

Poor lighting is usually overlooked, preventing accidents in workplaces. This has caused several accidents in most industries in the US.  Poor lighting makes working on any task a lot harder and unsafe. Eye fatigue can cause accidents at work mainly when operating machines because of momentary blindness.

Ventilation is required for adequate circulation of clean air into the working area. Ventilation is covered in the workplace health, safety, and welfare regulations act of 1992.

Poor Ventilation in cases of chemical plants can cause inhaling of toxic chemical gases that are dangerous to any human health. Send constant supply of clean air can cause severe illnesses to workers.

8. Excessive Overtime And Worker Fatigue

Once employees are given excessive over time, this can cause fatigue and accidents. Without adequate breaks for workers, this can lead to exhaustion, and the result can be more tragic than a simple 10 to 20-minute break.

Employees who go on to work overtime can experience various mental, physical, and social effects. These effects include poor work-life balance, stress, tiredness, and fatigue.

A Stanford University study shows that a person who works for 70 hours doesn’t produce more than one who works for 55 hours. Some workers can end up sleeping on the job, and this may cause very serious accidents.

9. Workers Using Equipment Recklessly

When any form of equipment is not used as it should be, the result may be very tragic. In some workplaces, different equipment may be mishandled by many employees because there isn’t enough equipment to handle certain tasks.

With limited equipment in Any Given Company, there is likely to be more accidents most of the time. Also, in case of workers are not properly trained, they can always assume some safety precautions when handling specific equipment which can cause accidents.

10. Lack Of Attention And Distraction

Most Industries use machines and other equipment to increase their production rate. With less manual labor around, there may be little attention given to machines during operations. Some employers assume that machines are capable of doing all operations without any supervision.

With constant production and lack of skilled personnel to attend to the machines, there can be a lot of Accidents due to this. Although proper attention can be given at times, workers attending to the machinery should not be under any stress.

There should not be any distractions while they’re working. Distractions can make them absent-minded while operating the machinery.

Other causes of industrial hazards:

  • Environmental factors which are improper physical and atmospheric surrounding conditions
  • Personal factors such as old age, health, incorrect machine habits, carelessness, among others.
  • Mechanical courses such as improper machine guarding, unsafe mechanical construction, unsafe apparel etc.
  • Workplace violence which is common in most workplaces and they are usually caused by sensitive issues such as politics and sports
  • Stress is their employers often stress one of the leading causes of death and in most workplaces employees over work-related issues
  • Slick floors and heavily packed corridors mainly cause trips and fall. Improper footwear provided by employers also causes them.

How to Prevent Industrial Accidents

There are several negative effects of industrial accidents on both the worker and the organization regardless of who is responsible for an accident. To prevent all these, here are some six principles of accident prevention.

  • Provide Proper Staff Training

Training all staff members, according to their positions, will ensure they perform their duties without posing any risk to themselves or the workplace. A workplace with skilled Personnel in different departments decreases the risk of accidents and the costs that follow.

Also, staff members should be taught how to use different machinery and equipment in the workplace. Proper Teachings of safety procedures are to be followed every day by everyone.

You must equip your staff members with protective gear for them to carry out all their tasks. Search equipment may include gloves, safety glasses, and safety harness. Never allow your employees to perform their tasks without putting on any of these safety gear.

Furthermore, all the machinery that your employees use must be properly maintained and serviced regularly. There are so many accidents that may occur from faulty machinery. Therefore to avoid extra costs of medical and compensation endeavor to see that the equipment and machinery are not defective.

  • Clean and clearly Mark the work areas

Although most workplaces do not consider cleanliness as a way to prevent accidents, it is actually one of the causes of industrial accidents today. An unclean work area very hard to maneuver in, and this puts workers at risk.

Discarded packaging, cluttered passageway, and loose cabling should be dealt with in any work environment. Also, the industrial building should have a routing plan. Marking Walkways and roadways will help staff members and non-employees to know their way around the building.

When marking such places consider the following aspects of speed restrictions, blind spots in and around the building, trucks loading and unloading area.

  • Create teams of specialists.

Have a team of specialists when carrying out specialized tasks because the accident is bound to happen. Avoid using intuition I got feeling in such situations because you may be putting your life and that of your employees in danger. Instead, put together a team of workers based on their skills and qualifications to handle such tasks.

Putting together special teamwork on specific projects to reduce and in most cases, prevent the chances of Accidents. When employees are assigned to specific, then no one will mess with the other teams work hence no accidents.

  • Post proper signage and provide a healthy working environment

The employer should make sure to post signs that remind employees of proper safety procedures. This signs and posters should be put in areas that are noticeable by all employees at all times. Also, you can put them in areas that such procedures can be practiced.

Furthermore, a healthy work environment prevents industrial accidents such as suffocation on toxic fumes. Most Industries deal in manufacturing of products whose raw materials give out toxic fumes. Ensure proper ventilation in all corners of the workplace so that such fumes do not suffocate employees.

  • Avoid shortcuts at all times and Report suspected dangers

Employee’s safety procedures and proper use of and machinery movie. Some employees may be used to their tasks, and they end up opting for shortcuts because they feel they know they are machines all too well. This is a very big risk, and you should ensure that you always remind and caution them to not use shortcuts while working.

Also, employers must encourage employees always to report any dangers that they feel may occur due to a piece of faulty machinery or anything else. This can greatly help to prevent accidents that may occur.


Industrial accidents are caused by various things which are avoidable in most cases. If you have noticed any of the courses in your workplace, then it may be time to come up with strategies. This will help to prevent and do away with any risks that can cause these accidents.

Industrial accidents can cause fatal injuries and in 2017, a total of 5147 fatal work injuries who reported in the United States. Search numbers mean that a lot of people have been victims of these accidents and this calls for the importance of accident prevention. There are a lot of costs that are spent on compensating victims and also restoring damages.

With proper preventive measures, any industrial worker can be protected from such tragedies. We hope we have enlightened you on these accidents and provided you with some information on how you can prevent them.