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The Ultimate News About Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia


The Ultimate News About Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

The first thing in the morning you do while sipping a cup of tea is to have a quick glance over a newspaper. The news of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP) is the headline of every newspaper. Whenever we surf news channels, we get to hear the news of coronavirus in all news channels. The outbreak of coronavirus which has first cropped up in China is spreading all over the world at a rapid speed. It has been noticed that 34915 people approximately have been affected by this deadly virus until 8th Feb 2020, nearly  724 people died because of this virus in China.

The origin of Coronavirus was in a Chinese seafood market. Every day, we hear new cases of coronavirus in various media channels. In Wuhan, which is in the eastern part of China, pneumonia cases were first heard by the WHO officials. Gradually, coronavirus is taking countless people from all over the world under its grip. With each passing day, the deadly virus is affecting the health of more than 34,915 people across the globe. From China, Coronavirus has infected numerous people who are residing in Australia, Canada, the US, Japan, France, and South Korea. Although there is no news of death casualties outside China, coronavirus has become a life-threatening infectious disease so far. Unfortunately, this virus is spreading like wildfire all over the world. It is necessary to know the ins and outs of coronavirus so that we can take precautions at the right time. Are you interested to know more about coronavirus? In this article, we will shed light on coronavirus in an elaborate manner.

What Precisely Is Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia? 

Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia is a type of common virus that causes an infection in the upper portion of your throat and in the nose. At times, coronavirus may infect in the form of the sinus. Most coronaviruses are not dangerous. A group of viruses that infect animals and human beings to a greater extent is termed as coronavirus. Basically, coronavirus is a common virus that results in an infection in the form of sinuses. Not all coronaviruses turn out to be baleful for health. There are some types of coronaviruses that prove to be life-threatening.

Coronavirus was first cropped up in Saudi Arabia in the form of the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) in the year 2012. Around 858 people had become victims of MERS. Later in the year 2014, there were American patients who reported to get infected by MERS in Florida and Indiana. It was said that both patients had flown back from Saudi Arabia. A year later, in the year 2015, a person from Korea had been afflicted with the same virus. In 2003, there was the largest outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in which around 774 people lost their lives from this virus. After 2015, no reports on SARS or MERS had come to surface. With the onset of the year 2020, a new type of virus called coronavirus has emerged in China. It is still not known to the researchers the exact cause of coronavirus. The name coronavirus has come from the crown-like shape of the virus.

Exact Cause Of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

How did Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia start? The dreadful virus first appeared in the seafood market of Wuhan. In this market, rabbits, birds, snakes, bats, and marmots are trapped illegally. It is said that coronavirus transfers from animals to human beings. It is believed that the stallholders in the market have first contracted coronavirus. The daily use of animals and birds by the stallholders has helped contract this virus directly in their bodies. As coronavirus started infecting a large number of people in short time span, the seafood market in Wuhan city was shut down.

Coronavirus is connected with pneumonia, common cold, and severe acute respiratory syndrome. A person’s gut can also get affected through coronavirus. In the year 1937, coronavirus was first detected in birds in the form of infectious bronchitis. This virus is highly potential to destroy poultry stocks. Coronavirus can infect horses, cattle, pigs, cats, dogs, rats, turkeys and mice.

When a person gets infected by a coronavirus, he or she will likely to develop respiratory problems and flu-like symptoms. The common cold is the first indication of coronavirus. There are various types of human coronaviruses. Researchers have proved that there are six types of coronavirus that can attack human beings. The common six types of coronaviruses are 229E, NL63, OC43, HKU1, MERS and SARS. Mainly, two human coronaviruses such as OC43 and 229E are highly responsible for this type of common cold.

Who are the victims of coronavirus? This virus mainly targets children. Adults are equally susceptible to coronavirus. The infection of coronavirus takes place in the winter season and in the early spring.

Symptoms Associated To Coronavirus

At some point in time, someone or the other will likely get infected by a coronavirus. How will you know that coronavirus has attacked you? Certainly, there are some signs which will let you know about the attack of the virus. The cold-like symptoms might not evolve all of a sudden. After coronavirus infection has set up in your body, it will take nearly two to four days to show up the symptoms.

The prominent symptoms include persistent cough, fatigue, runny nose, sneezing, mild or throbbing headache, sore throat, constant feeling of unwell and fever. The upper respiratory might also get infected when coronavirus makes a home in a patient’s body. At times, you might not even know that you have been infected with the coronavirus. The only way to be sure about the virus attack is to get the laboratory tests at once. The tests of your throat, blood count and runny nose will detect the present status of coronavirus in your body. You should get the tests done when coronavirus is in the early stage. If you overlook the symptoms, then the virus might take a toll on your health. Make sure the coronavirus should not spread to your lower respiratory tract. In case the virus gets spread to the windpipe and lungs, then it can convert into pneumonia in older adults. People who have a low immune system or are suffering from heart diseases may catch pneumonia in no time.

How Does Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Transmit? 

Is Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia contagious? Can you get infected by coronavirus by merely touching a person’s hand or having a conversation with an infected person? There are many questions that must be revolving around your mind pertaining to the transmission of coronavirus. Let us know how infectious coronavirus in the following lines.

Usually, it is known to all people that the virus gets spread rapidly through the uncovered mouth. If you are having coughing bouts and you have not covered your mouth, then the virus is likely to transmit from one person to another. Researchers have proved that the transmission of coronavirus is possible in many ways.

It is through the secreted fluid in the respiratory tract helps viruses spread at a rapid pace. The other ways of transmitting coronavirus are listed below.

  • A person who is infected with coronavirus does not cover his or her mouth during sneezing or coughing, then the droplets get dispersed into the air. Coronavirus spreads through the droplets that are present in the air.
  • Touching an infected person’s face can also make the virus spread instantly.
  • If you happen to touch an object or a surface that has a trace of the virus, then the virus can easily pass through your eyes, mouth, or nose.
  • Shaking hands with a person who has been suffering from coronavirus can make a healthy person contract the same virus.
  • People who stay in the US get contracted to this virus during the fall or winter season. It is believed that every person is likely to get in touch with coronavirus once in their lifetime.

Measures To be Taken In Order To Prevent Infection 

Are there any preventative measures to stave off coronavirus infection? What are they? Note down some useful precautionary measures you should take to keep the infection away.

  • Once you get back home, you should make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. As coronavirus is taking a toll on people’s lives, you should take every precautionary measure to prevent the virus from attacking you. Washing hands is one of the precautionary measures. At first, you should clean your hands with clean water. Keep your hands under running water to make your hands wet. Apply a good quality hand wash and make a thick lather. Massage the lather in the front and back portion of your hands, your nails and fingers. Keep scrubbing your hands for 20 seconds. Rinse your hands properly.
  • Whenever you step outside your house or if you stay outdoors for a long time, you should wear a face mask. Wearing a face mask and face shield gives you protection against the virus which exists in the air. Face masks clog the liquid droplets.
  • Keep a bunch of tissue in your bag whenever you go out. When you are about to sneeze or cough, you must always use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth. After you sneeze or cough, make sure to dump the tissue in a trash can. Washing your hands as soon as you throw the tissue.
  • In case you are visiting markets, you should avoid direct contact with animals and birds. Wear gloves in your hands, if necessary.
  • Your unwashed hands are extremely dangerous for you. Until you wash your hands, you should not touch the unwashed hands to your nose, eyes, and mouth.
  • Stay away from people who are infected with the coronavirus. Close contact with coronavirus patients can make you catch this virus in no time.
  • When you are in an affected zone, do not consume undercooked or raw animal products. In addition, take extra care when you are dealing with the organs of animals, milk and raw meat. Stave off from the cross-contamination of uncooked meals.
  • Wash your clothes, handkerchiefs, and socks daily after you come from the vegetables or poultry market. Use warm water for washing daily wear.
  • If you have flown back from an affected zone of China recently, then you should not meet with your near and dear ones for 14 days. It is advised to stay indoors. In other words, you are not supposed to go to public areas or attend public functions or go to school or college.
  • Seek medical assistance at once if you have a cough, problem in breathing, constant sneezing, or fever. Let your medical practitioner know about your travel history. The places you have been to in the last few weeks will help your healthcare provider know the precise cause of getting infected with coronavirus infection.
  • Consuming plenty of water is another best way to prevent coronavirus infection. Also, ensure to take as much rest as possible if you have flu-like symptoms.
  • Do not smoke in public places or smoky zones. Restrict yourself from smoking as much as you can in front of other people.
  • Keep your indoor area clean and mop the floors of your house every day. Maintain a high level of hygiene in your indoor and outdoor areas.

Probable Treatments

Unfortunately, scientists or doctors have not come up with the right treatments which would cure coronavirus infection. In the present day, there are no specific medicines in the chemist stores for the treatment of coronavirus disease. Most of the time, patients who have been infected with coronavirus infection have recovered on their own. There are a few ways that could help you relieve symptoms. You can opt for medications that can ease off fever and pain. If you are having a problem with your cough or sore throat, then you can use a room humidifier or you can take a warm shower. If you have been recently diagnosed with coronavirus infection, then your doctor will tell you to have plenty of liquids, remain indoors and rest.

If the symptoms of coronavirus aggravate with each passing day, then the patient needs to be hospitalized. Patients with mild symptoms do not need hospitalization treatments. When the patients get admitted to the hospital, they are given medicines that would elevate the immune systems. If a patient has a high level of the immune system, then the patient will be able to fight the virus off. Proper medicines and treatments in the hospital will also help the virus from spreading.

In extreme cases, coronavirus can convert into pneumonia. In such a situation, a patient might have breathing issues. Oxygen is given to patients who are suffering from pneumonia. In the worst cases, patients are put on a ventilator. The precise medication for coronavirus infection has not yet discovered by scientists.

Statistics Of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Patients 

A large number of people have been affected by coronavirus infection. There are approximately 724 deaths and more than 34915 cases of coronavirus in China. It has been reported that the majority of coronavirus cases have come from the central Hubei province. Gradually, this virus has started spreading to Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangdong.

Other than China, Thailand has a large number of patients who have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection. Countless people have been tested positive. The current statistics state that Thailand has 32 people who have this virus and Hongkong has 26 people who are infected by this virus. Australia and Macau have 15 patients of coronavirus. Other countries such as Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea all have coronavirus patients. France has been reported with 6 patients of coronavirus. Vietnam have 13 patients of coronavirus and Canada have reported 7 patients simultaneously. There has been only one coronavirus case in, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Spain, Belgium and Finland. The UK has 3 cases of coronavirus.

Present Status Of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia 

Coronavirus cases were first identified in China. The dreadful virus started spreading in various parts of the world. The recent updates state that coronavirus has reached many other countries and has affected the health of numerous people worldwide. This life-threatening disease has become a major health concern for people across the globe. The outbreak of coronavirus is indeed a public health emergency declared by WHO (World Health Organization). Every day, new cases of coronavirus are emerging everywhere. Earlier, coronavirus was inflicting the lives of China. Later, the virus started taking countless people in its grip outside China. Numerous cases of coronavirus seem to pop up in Taiwan, Germany, Vietnam and Japan. The current report states that nearly 34,546 patients have been found to have coronavirus. The death casualties of coronavirus are increasing all over the world. To prevent coronavirus entering the UK, all flights have been canceled to China by the British Airways. No trains are running from Hongkong to China.

The government officials have decided not to allow any person from Hubei in Hongkong and Taiwan. The national and international airports are conducting screenings in order to detect the symptoms of coronavirus in travelers. The Americans are forbidden to make nonessential travel to China. Americans who have been residing in Wuhan have been evacuated. To detect the signs of coronavirus infection, they are under observation for 14 days as per the reports. As per the latest reports more than 722 people have died out of Wuhan or coronavirus in china until 8th Feb 2020 and it has infected more than 35,000 people globally.

More Information On Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

  • Coronavirus belongs to a large family of viruses which create respiratory issues and symptoms of cold and flu in patients who are afflicted by a coronavirus. People might have mild to moderate symptoms of coronavirus. In extreme cases, this virus affects the lower respiratory tract which poses a threat to lungs-related issues. It has been observed that the coronavirus patients also suffer from bronchitis and pneumonia. This virus usually affects animals. In very rare cases, coronavirus passes from animals to humans. The origin of coronavirus was in the Wuhan seafood market. Previous reports state that this type of virus was found in bats and snakes.
  • Initially, coronavirus had no official names. WHO has termed this virus as “2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease”. The researchers of China have termed this virus as a novel coronavirus. Coronavirus spreads from person to person through the air, by touching an infected object and by coming in close contact with an infected person.
  • The symptoms of coronavirus seem to appear in a person within a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 14 days. So far, there is no precise treatment available for treating coronavirus infection. Most people have been recovered without medications. For patients who have mild to moderate symptoms have been advised to take rest and drink fluids as much as possible. Patients who are going through sore throat problems are suggested to use a humidifier. The potential vaccine will be launched in the healthcare market within three months.
  • Precautionary measures have been implemented in various airports. The health officers are screening the passengers with the help of thermal scanners who are flying from China. The recent report states that people are not allowed to travel in and out of China.
  • Coronavirus which was first originated in Wuhan has transmitted to 27 countries worldwide. To date, reports state that more than 800 deaths have occurred and more than 35,000 patients have diagnosed with coronavirus. By the end of January 2020, new cases of coronavirus have evolved in Russia, the UK, Canada, Spain and Sweden. Of all countries, Wuhan is highly affected by coronavirus infection.
  • Various preventive measures have been implemented in order to stop coronavirus from spreading from one person to another. The Chinese government has taken the step of banning the sale of animals in the markets, online traders and restaurants. This novel step will surely help keep the virus in check. Coronavirus has made innumerable people sick. The number of deaths in coronavirus is rising every day in China.
  • This fatal virus is making children victims more than adults. Children or adults with a low immune system are becoming the targets of this virus. Over-the-counter drugs are able to treat this infection in patients who are mildly sick. Researchers are working on inventing vaccines which will take some months to appear in the chemist stores. Meanwhile, there are a few drugs that have proved to be life-saving for coronavirus patients.

Every best possible measure is applied by the government to avert coronavirus. Keep the symptoms and preventive measures in mind to stay safe from 2019 Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia(NCP) infection.