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Safety for Construction workers

workers safety

Safety for Construction workers

Construction workers are workers and employees of civil engineering firms and companies that are majorly involved in the building and construction of roads, houses, brides and related things. Safety is a very important aspect of labor. It is a cogent point to both employers of labor, (be it government or private enterprise) that every workers must be well protected against job hazard while they work in various places of work. The world today has evolved so much that we have lots of companies and industries focusing on different areas for business and sales. All these companies and industries require or need different safety measures for their workers and employees based on what they do. Safety measures in the agriculture related companies are different from the construction companies. While that of the food companies and industries is so different from the safety measures for the computer companies. It is so important and pertinent that each and every company ensure and remain responsive to workers safety issues as they are to the issues of company growth and expansion. In the course of this article, I will discuss the safety in construction work. Construction works are majorly carried out to involve heavy machineries, heavy tools, and elevation of materials using cranes, welding of irons or steel and lots more. All these could be sources of danger and hazards to workers that daily engage in these practices. Dangers and hazards related to construction works may be life threatening and so must be prevented. Dangers and hazards at construction sites are;

  1. Falls from height, from roofs, scaffolding or ladder
  2. Falls at the ground level, when walking on slippery and undulating surfaces and topography
  3. Accidents and injuries from powerful tools or machines like chainsaws and angle grinders
  4. Accidents arising from lifting of materials to a certain height
  5. Injuries from stepping on nails or sharp objects
  6. Damage to body parts from welding of steel and metals
  7. Accidents and damage to body parts from noise and chemicals

All the above listed are common dangers and hazards associated with construction and building works. However, safety and possible prevention of such accidents and injuries can be achieved in a two-way approach involving the employers and the workers or employees.  The employers and employees have good roles to play for a safe work and operation. The role of the employers include:

  1. All employers must provide and give adequate training and working guidelines to the workers and employees
  2. They must efficiently work as supervisors and monitor the work on site to ensure total all adherence to safety measures and instructions
  3. Employers must provide good personal protection equipment for each worker and employee to use while working.
  4. Employers must not over-work the workers as such may cause tiredness which can cause danger or hazards
  5. In case of any injury, accident or hazard, provision of ready solution and quick medical attention must be provided


The role of employees and workers include;

  1. Every employee and worker must work with full seriousness and concentration to avoid injuries and accidents. Simple negligence or loss of concentration might prove deadly
  2. Workers and employers on construction site must be co-operative, act brotherly and work as a team. Anyone could just push the other out of danger
  3. Every workers must use his or her personal protective equipment as recommended for the task. The ear muffs, safety harness, safety glasses and others must be taken serious.
  4. Workers must also discourage the use of faulty machineries and tools. Using faulty machines can be so dangerous


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