Welder Eye Protection: Keep Your Eye Safe While Welding

Do you know Eye injuries account 25% of all welding injuries?

Quite alarming!!!

It is said that eyes are the jewel of the body. But you can’t even imagine how much damage could be done to your eyes if they’re not protected properly.

No wonder there are many occupational hazards and risks associated with welding. That’s why Welder eye protection is so important.

Why You Need Eye Protection?

Human eyes undoubtedly the most delicate and sensitive organ we process. As welding associated with various types of radiation, your eyes can be in danger.

What types of radiation are associated with welding?

Welding arcs produce radiation over a wide range of wavelengths – from 0.2 to 1.4 µm (micrometers). These ranges include:

  • Visible light (range 400 to 700 nm)
  • Ultraviolet radiation (range 200 to 400 nm)
  • Infrared radiation (range700 to 1,400 nm)

Arc welding, brazing, and cutting, as well as laser cutting and welding, can expose welder to this type of radiation.

What happens when you don’t wear a welding mask?

You have already known that welding produce various types of radiation.

But the worsts part is certain types of radiation (UV) can produce a serious injury to the surface of the eye called “welders’ eye,” “arc eye,” or “arc flash.” It’s an unpleasant feeling. The symptoms include:

  • Pain
  • Tearing and reddening of the eye
  • (Bloodshot)
  • Sensation or feeling like “sand in the eye.”
  • Abnormal sensitivity
  • Photophobia

How can I protect my eyes from welding?

If you think wearing Welding Helmets  alone can offer enough protection, you are in fool’s paradise, dear.

The best way to avoid eye injuries is the most simple, just proper selection of eye protection. You need to wear a welding face shield ld for proper eye protection.

You’ve heard the advice a million times that before anything else make sure you got the proper safety like welding goggles or face shield.

So what are the Welding Faceshields?

The most popular welding face shield is safety goggles or welding goggles. Welding goggles ensure a degree of protection on the eye while cutting, and welding is being done.

Why do welders wear goggles?

These safety glasses will protect the optical radiation and heat produced by the welding, brazing such as the sparks or debris. Plus, it gives protection against powerful ultraviolet light.

The most crucial thing to consider before your welding glasses or goggles is obviously its shade number. You will find so many varieties of shade for safety glasses.

So what are the Welding Lens Shade Numbers?

The shade number is actually an indicator or measurement of the darkness of the lens. Meanwhile, different shades are suggested for different types of welding. Another important thing is the amperages, which also may vary for different types of welding.

Let’s see the recommended shade for cutting and welding.

Welding procedure Shade Number(lens)
Arc welding( shielded metal) 10-14
Carbor Arc welding 10-14
Arc welding(Gas metal) 11-12
Gas tungsten- Arc welding 12
Gas welding(heavy) 6 or 8
Gas welding(light) 4 or 5
Torch 2


Do welders go blind over time?

Think about this for a moment nearly 400,000 Americans takes welding as a full-time job. And health issue including eye is a major concern.

The good news is that most of the eye injuries are preventable. As per the report, fully 95% of worker sustaining eye injuries goes back at work within a week, as well as over 50% of welder return within two days.

What Are The Longterm Effect On Eyes From Welding? Read more about welding eye burn home remedy.

Well, Long-term exposure to harmful UV light can make cataracts in some persons. Visible light is very bright, which can overwhelm the capability of the iris to close sufficiently. The result is that you may experience temporarily blinding or fatiguing to the eye.

A major concern of arc eye is the “blue light hazard,” temporary or permanent scarring of the eye’s retina due to the sensitivity to blue light. Blindness may result.



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